Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Changing Hands' YAllapalooza 1.29.11 [Book Signing Report] [Giveaway]

Oh my crazy times, yo!

I showed up at 4, thinking "Oh, man, I hope there are some seats left!"  There totally weren't.  Changing Hands was PACKED!  Not even standing room, seriously.  So, I patiently worked my way up to the front of the standing crowd.  Then a mom and a daughter left their seats, and I asked them if they were leaving, and they said yes, so I snatched up their seats, which just so happened to be in the same row as Alexa from Pages of Forbidden Love.

We patiently waited through the Title Wave game where Brandi, the Childrens Book Buyer at Changing Hands gave us first lines of books and we had to guess the titles.  There were two teams, Team Arizona (who of course won because Arizona is made of awesome) and Team Out Of State (who were made of awesome, but couldn't conquer Arizona, duh).

Team Arizona: back row, L-R: Kaleb Nation, James A. Owen, Laurie Brooks, Kofi O. Okyere, front row, L-R: Tom Leveen, Lisa McMann (being blocked by a bald head), Jon S. Lewis, Angela Morrison, and Janette Rallison)
Team Out Of State: back row, L-R: Obert Skye, Cameron Stracher front row, L-R: Karen E. Hoover, Bree Despain, Jessica Day George, and Lisa Mangum 
After that, we took a little break which was kinda unfortunate because that meant that people rushed the stage and tried to get their books signed.  I think a lot of those people really didn't care about what the event was supposed to be about - having fun and getting to know authors because they threw a wrench in our five-minute break and it turned into a twenty-five-minute break.  Ugh.

Anyway, then they encouraged the children in the second game to participate in writing a story with the authors.  Farrah from I. Eat. Words. and her friendboy, H, and Alexa and I got recruited by Jon Lewis to play on their team with Bree Despain and four boys.  Us girls were outnumbered at the table like 5 to 4, which I have to say is pretty unusual at an event.  While we were writing our story (one line by one person, then the next by the next person - see the photo for proof at the end of the vid), Tom Leveen came over and eavesdropped and totally stole our Justin-Bieber-ness.  Dear Tom, Not. Cool. Sincerely, IHM.  Well, it didn't matter anyway Tom, 'cause we won.  Here's the video of Jon reading our story:  (Doesn't that totally make you want to buy his newest book, Invasion?  It made a lot of people want to - it sold out before I could get my hands on it!)

I got to talk with James A. Owen for a little bit and reminisce about Spencer, I got to meet Laurie Brooks, Angela Morrison, Karen E. Hoover, Lisa Mangum, and Cameron Stracher.  And I got a bunch of signed bookmarks from the lot and a signed copy of The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher in hardcover, so if you'd like to enter to win a set of bookmarks or the signed hardcover, enter your info below.  Open worldwide, ends 3.11.11 11:59PM Arizona time.

All in all, it was a great dope event, and I'm really glad I went!  If you were there, let me know.  If you weren't and you missed out and you live in Arizona, shame on you!  ♥, IHM

Oh, and P.S.  Farrah also vlogged about this event, so check out her vlog (wherein she mentions me and admits to never having heard of CH before *gasp*) and let her know I sent you!


Jessy said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I never went to a signing where they played games before. So cool~

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Great giveaway!!!!

Kulsuma said...

What a great event! Thanks for the giveaway.

Mia said...

Lucky you! It sounds like you have so much fun! Anyway, thanks for this awesome giveaway and also for making it international :)

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Another giveaway from you.
Thanks a lot :)

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Thanks for the giveaway!

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Thanks for the giveaway!

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Alexa said...

It was a good event but it needed some work on the planning, maybe we can help Brandi with that next time. It was great to see some fellow bloggers and all of the authors.

Elizabeth said...

Great website!!

My name is Patricia said...


I was there! It was a blast!!


thanks I want this book so bad!!!