Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I AM NUMBER FOUR Read Along Discussion #3 [Read Along]

So, how are you guys liking the book so far?  I stumbled on an interview that Entertainment Weekly did with Pittacus Lore.  You might wanna check it out.  I laughed several times, especially at the part where he kinda disses Spielberg.

Plot Summary:  John finds Sarah.  She goes off to sell more tickets.  Sarah calls John and asks if he'll go on the hayride with her.  They go with Sarah's friend Emily and Sam.  Football players abduct John, Sarah, and Sam.  John fights back and decimates football players.  Then he talks Sarah out of calling the police.  They kiss. *insert awwwwwws here*  Henri works with Four to try to hone his Telekinesis.  Sam avoids John.  John goes to Sam's house.  Sam accuses him of being an alien.  John successfully plays it off.  Sam shows him They Walk Among Us, December issue, and November's issue with the article about the Mogadorians.  Sam lets John borrow the November issue, and Four takes it to Henri.  Sarah's family invites John and Henri to Thanksgiving dinner.  Henri successfully tracks down the publisher of They Walk Among Us, and the publisher tells him to never call again when Henri asks about the Mogadorians.


  1. Did they make the right call not calling the police?
  2. Do you think they'll find all of the night vision goggles?
  3. What's with Bernie Kosar?  Does he have warp speed or what?
  4. Do you think the Mogadorians got to the publisher of They Walk Among Us?
  5. How long do you give John and Sarah?
  6. What do you think is holding up Four's power/talent/Legacy development?

Tomorrow's reading is pages 200-260, chapters 18-22. It's so fun reading along with you guys!!! 


Cass (Words on Paper) said...

1. Well, if the police got involved, since Sam became suspicious, there would have been exposure and Four & Henri would have had to leave.
2. Hahahah. That's thought-provoking stuff. Probably. Except for maybe the one that Four took along.
3. The alien is rubbing off on him.
4. In some way, yes.
5. One more week. :P
6. He's a late bloomer. *shrugs shoulders*

I can't wait to join another of your read-a-thons--this has been fun!

elizabeth said...

1. I think they made the right choice by not calling the police because, like Cass said, Sam may have exposed Four.
2. I don't think they will find them easily.
3. I think he is that creature he saw in his visions that can change into other animals.
4. I think they definitely did, but why didn't they kill him?
5. I want to say forever, but I think something is going to break them up.
6. I am not sure what is holding up Four's power/talent/Legacy development. Maybe he is just a late bloomer or maybe something is stopping him from developing.

Random thoughts- Do you think Pittacus Lore could be the author of They Walk Among Us? Or is Sam's dad the author? Or is Sam's dad Pittacus Lore?

Tiffany said...

I'm wondering if Bernie is his pet from Lorien? But if so, how did they get separated and why isn't he revealing himself? I'm pretty sure that he was mentioned on the ship on the way to earth.

I Heart Monster said...

1. I think so. Though I'm baffled as to how Henri is letting him stay there, even with the lamewad explanation he gives.

2. No way. John said he threw them miles. And even if they do? They'll totally be broken.

3. Still hoping he's that animal that Four came to Earth with.

4. Definitely. But I'm not sure why he's still alive.

5. While I hope they last a long time, I'm with Cass - like one week. I'm hoping that John will realize that maybe being with Sarah (no matter how cliche this is) will put her in danger and make her collateral damage if the Mogadorians show up.

6. I'm thinking that since the powers come from Lorien, and the Mogadorians have control of Lorien, that maybe they've found a way to disrupt the power transmission to earth somewhat? dunno.

I Heart Monster said...

@elizabeth - I think Pittacus Lore could be the tipster for the They Walk Among Us pub. But I don't think he's the actual publisher. Though I guess he could be with that don't call here again remark. That'd be all kinds of oooo and awwwww worthy, right?

@Tiffany - indeed. I'm hoping the same thing!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

# What's with Bernie Kosar? Does he have warp speed or what?

I love Bernie Kosar. I'm totally naming my next dog after him. He's just awesome.

# Do you think the Mogadorians got to the publisher of They Walk Among Us?

Maybe they have google alerts? Kidding. I think that they are searching for the Loriens, so they must be on the prowl for alien-lit just as much as Henri and John. Once they heard/ saw the mag, they must have sniffed him out.

# How long do you give John and Sarah?

I give them forever. I think that John and Sarah have a long story ahead of them in this book series. I don't know what's going to happen, but I hope that there's no hostage-holding craziness in this series. That's just too easy. But, I think that they have a real connection and that there's something almost chemical that happens to John when he's around Sarah. And that's so cool.

# What do you think is holding up Four's power/talent/Legacy development?

I don't know. I wonder if this is about the range of his powers. Maybe he is more powerful than any other Lorian? Maybe he will have a special collection of powers that no one has ever seen before? I don't know, but I bet we'll find out!

JaevenStar said...

Here is a link to my post on EFG http://evesfangarden.com/blog/?p=4570

Did they make the right call not calling the police?

For Four's sake - yes. For the other's sake - NO. Mark is a mean bully who isn't going to quit until the wrath of God falls upon him. However, with his dad being the police chief - not sure how that will pan out.

Do you think they'll find all of the night vision goggles?

LOL! I LOVE what he did with the goggles! I hope those kids totally get busted for losing them. The deserve to have to account for the fact some of the goggles will be found miles and miles away!

What's with Bernie Kosar? Does he have warp speed or what?

I think there is a lot more to Bernie than meets the eye. I haven't figured out what, yet. But I am super curious where the author will go with this character. I hope it is something clever and not stupid.

Do you think the Mogadorians got to the publisher of They Walk Among Us?

Most definitely. If they are even half as clever as they are made out to be, I think Four and Henri are in for a lot of trouble!

How long do you give John and Sarah?

...about two more chapters...if they are lucky. I think the are definitely on borrowed time. IF Four makes it through this, then maybe they have a chance for a relationship once Four isn't the constant target.

What do you think is holding up Four's power/talent/Legacy development?

The author alluded to the hold up being a break in the communication between Lorien and the Garde. That makes me think Lorien is officially obliterated. If that is the case, then I am not sure what they are fighting for. On the other hand, maybe it is just that he is distracted by Sarah and the stuff going on with Mark. Love is a pretty powerful thing!

*Andye* said...

1. Yes, I think they made the right call not involving the police. There would be too many questions and too much attention.

2. I'm cracking up about the night vision goggles!! I love that he threw them so far! I hope they never get found and all those jerks have to pay for them!

3. I totally agree about Bernie Kosar. I think he's the pet from the dream, and he gave himself that name tag after he saw the poster. I love him, I hope he's good and not some evil spy!!

4. I definitely think the Mogadorians got to the publisher, and I'm worried that they've set up some kind of ambush....

5. I hope that John's monogamous heritage follows him and he and Sarah are together forever. I just love the idea of that! .....I hope she's not an evil spy, too! :P

6. I think his powers are being held up by the pressure. I think when something life threatening happens it will trigger another one.

Thanks, this is fun! I wish my internet was working so I could be more involved!! (I stole away to the library to use it!)

Tawnya said...

1. Nothing good would come of police involvement for #4, and it's questionable that Mark would have gotten into trouble. This town sees Mark as a golden child for some reason - how is it that a game can totally obliterate people's view of a person's character??

2. I think the goggles will be found - eventually & I am thrilled that a whole other level of hurt is going to rain down on Mark when they are found.

3. Bernie Kosar = Pittacus Lore????

4. What if it was Pittacus Lore that wrote it as a means of letting the others know that they are not alone in this fight? (I realize he can't be the dog & the writer, but wouldn't it be cool if he was the dog?)

5. John & Sarah sitting in a tree, stay together for eternity- ha! Ok so it's sorta doomed (and if he was real he would try to stay away with all the danger around him - also not going to happen), but there's no way he's letting go & it's totally going to be the thing that makes him want to fight & gives him the strength to do it.

6. I think the hold up is Four himself. He's been looking forward to his powers for a while, but lately he doesn't even want them. He just wants to settle down. It's going to take something else happening for him to NEED his powers