Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I AM NUMBER FOUR Read Along Discussion #4 [Read Along]

How's it going guys?  Did it kill you to stop at chapter 22?  It almost did me!  I wanted to keep reading so badly!

Plot Summary:  Henri goes to check out the source of They Walk Among Us in Athens, then doesn't show up for Thanksgiving dinner.  John makes excuses for him at Sarah's house, but then lies and says Henri needs him so he can leave.  He goes home, freaks out a little, then calls Sam to see if his mom can come over.  Sam tells John that he will drive himself in his dad's old truck if it's so important to John.  Sam drives over, then they decide that they're driving to Athens to look for Henri.  John makes up a story about alien conspiracy theorists being after Henri or something like that.  They drive to the address that Henri had left with John and on the way see Henri's car.  They come up on the house and John has Sam tail one of the guys that came out of it.  John attacks the guy in the house, finds Henri.  Another guy comes, and John uses his Telekinesis to save Sam and bind attacker #2.  They find out that the Mogadorians did indeed get to the publishers and that they Mogadorians knew that the Loric would come.  The icky humans don't warn Henri, Sam, and Four that the Mogadorians would be coming, and all of the sudden, they're there.  John picks up Henri and Sam and jumps to another roof.  They escape the evil Mogadorians.  Then, they drive home, in Sam's truck, and Henri and Sam don't move out of Paradise, Ohio.

The Questions:

1. Why do the Mogadorians want the Loric Garde dead?
2. If you ever did meet a Mogadorian, what do you think your reaction would be?
3. Do you think the publishers were right or wrong in complying with the Mogadorians?
4. How 'bout that Telekinesis?  What doors do you see opening up to Four because of it?
5.  Predctions on what Four's next Legacy will be.  Go.
6. Do you agree with Four's decision to stay in Paradise?

Tomorrow's reading:  Chapters 22-26.  Pages 261-324.


Cass (Words on Paper) said...

I too wanted to keep reading on. Alack, I will have to wait another day to continue. We're past halfway! Pretty exciting stuff. :)

1. Um, because they're able to develop powers and are threats; with those powers they'd be able to thwart their plans of taking over Earth.

2. The complete opposite of Sam, probably.

3. I don't think they were given much of a chance. It wasn't so much a matter or right or wrong, it was a matter of wanting to continue living, however scarred.

4. There is hope that he'll be able to develop the other Legacies. He's grown just that much stronger.

5. Making explosions? That'd be pretty cool. Something on the offence, rather than defence.

6. No, but I can understand her reasons for wanting to stay. Of course.

elizabeth said...

I definitely wanted to keep on reading, but I stopped myself!

1. Because they are Loric, and they are evil.
2. If I ever did meet a Mogadorian I would probably be scared and freak out.
3. I think they were right because they would have killed them otherwise....I'm not sure why they didn't just kill them. To set a trap for Four maybe?
4. I think the Telekinesis is awesome! It will definitely open doors to his other powers.
5. His next Legacy....Um....Invisibility? or lasers coming out of his hands?
6. I think Four should leave. He is putting Sam and Sarah in danger by staying.

Does anyone else think it is weird that Sam's mom is never around except for that brief time at the Halloween thing?

Jen said...

Wow i am going to have to play catch up - this book sounds awesome - I am not reading anymore comments until i am up to where you guys are.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Do you agree with Four's decision to stay in Paradise?

I really don't. I guess that I can see that he's sick of running and wants to have some sort of life rather than just being in hiding all of the time. I guess that he's starting to feel stronger and more capable of defending himself. So I get that. But, I just can't imagine making a decision like that knowing that you're putting so many people at risk. It feels a little selfish to me. But, I guess that if he just kept on hiding and running there'd be little in the way of plot to this book. I can see why the author chose to write the book this way, but I can't imagine myself making the same decision as John. I'd hate to put Henri (and the last of my dying race) at risk for my own needs.

JaevenStar said...

Here is the link to my post on Eve's Fan Garden...

1. Why do the Mogadorians want the Loric Garde dead?

My guess is the Loric Garde are the only people who present any kind of skills in stopping the Mogadorians from ultimate world dominance.

2. If you ever did meet a Mogadorian, what do you think your reaction would be?

Oh s*#t! LOL! I would imagine that as soon as I figured out what was in front of me, it would be too late.

3. Do you think the publishers were right or wrong in complying with the Mogadorians?

Right or wrong? I guess if they were fearful of their life they were right to do what they did.

4. How ’bout that Telekinesis? What doors do you see opening up to Four because of it?

LOL! He will be able to open lots of doors now! HA!I hope that the telekinesis will help him save the rest of the survivors.

5. Predictions on what Four’s next Legacy will be. Go.

Gosh, he already has so many super human skills – maybe mind reading? Maybe leadership skills? Maybe something related to love.

6. Do you agree with Four’s decision to stay in Paradise?

No, but again, if he left it wouldn’t be very climactic. He is going to have to face the Mogadorians eventually… there is no doubt. If it ends in Paradise then so be it! I cannot wait to find out how it ends.

I Heart Monster said...

Okay so here are my answers for tonight:

1. I have no idea. I wish I did.
2. I'd probably ask them where I could find cool contacts like they have, just so I could see if they had raspy voices, and then I'd probably try to make them feel inferior somehow. I'm kinda mean that way.
3. I don't know. Self-preservation is great and all, but then they were scary aliens, so I dunno.
4. I'm kind of hoping to see him pick up Sarah and float her over to him so that he can kiss her. But also, I think it'll make defending himself a whole lot easier. Take into consideration all of the times that you see protagonists lose their weapons during a fight. So not a problem for little Mr. Four now, right?
5. I'm hoping he gets a super smelling sense.
6. Absolutely not. Not only do his motivaitons for staying not fly with me, but his logic isn't clear either. *cough* author's convenience *cough* I keep screaming at him, "LEAVE you idiot! LEAVE!"

*Andye* said...

1. I think they wanted them dead because they're the only ones who will be able to stop them from taking over the world/universe.

2. Oh, my, I don't know what I would do. Probably ask if they'd take off their halloween masks off!! haha! Then I guess I'd pee my pants!

3. Well, I don't guess you can blame them, they were scared for their lives. But in the long run, they're going to die anyway, if the Mogadorians destroy the world.

4. Ok, the telekinesis is awesome!!! I think it's going to be hard for any of them to fight him, when he can just lift people off the ground!

5. I feel like invisibility will be one of the things he gets, since it's talked about so much. Then maybe something with fire, because he is impervious to fire?

6. Well, I don't necessarily think it was the best decision to stay in Paradise, but it sure makes the story more interesting! Plus he has a girlfriend!!!

Tawnya said...

1. The Mogadorians must know something about the Loric that we don't. Otherwise, i don't see how 9 kids who might have some powers would be worth the hunt. Especially when they overpowered the Loric planet easily enough.

2. I might pinch myself to wake up from the nightmare.

3. Right/Wrong - The real question is why did they believe them? Why did they think that others would come and they would be the bad guys. Trench coat wearing, razor sharp teeth toting, crazy eyed aliens - and they're NOT the bad guys, RIGHT! My other question is why didn't they have secret cameras set up all over the house, and why isn't every phone call being taped? what kind of conspiracy theorists are these guys? Amateurs.

4. How 'bout that Telekinesis? What doors do you see opening up to Four because of it?

5. I agree if he's impervious to heat, then he needs to be able to produce some flames. Also he should be able to fly and he needs better hearing.

6. I can understand emotionally why he wants to stay - but rationally they should have left after dropping of Sam.