Friday, October 15, 2010

Traumatized? You betcha. by Dia Reeves [Frightay Nights]

When I was much younger, around thirteen or so, I was all alone at home because Ma had gone to the store. I was sitting in my room reading (of course) when I heard a noise. I opened my door and heard the noise again coming from behind the door of my brother's room, which was directly across from mine.

The sound was unmistakable, like an animal inside a box trying to find its way out. The only problem was we didn't have any pets. So I crept to my brother's door and called his name. And the noise stopped. I asked my brother what he was doing in there and then something slammed into the door so hard it rattled in its frame.

I freaked and ran into the living room. I would have run out the door except I hadn't combed  my hair and I didn't know if the thing in my brother's room would give me the time I needed to spruce myself up. So I grabbed the Bible, for protection, and jumped on the couch and stared toward the hallway, fully expecting something to come leaping out at me. I was so convinced it would happen that I fainted. I know I fainted because the sound of the front door opening woke me up.

Ma came in with the groceries and I don't remember ever being gladder to see anyone in my life. But before I even said hi, I went to my brother's room and threw open the door. There was nothing in there that sounded like what I'd heard--no puppy or turtle in a box--nor was there anything near the door that could explain why it had rattled like something had been thrown against it.

I went to join Ma in the kitchen and she asked why I looked so upset. I told her that my brother must have played some mean trick on me while she was gone. She asked how could he have tricked me when he was away spending the weekend with our cousin.

Traumatized? You betcha. I was probably the only kid in junior high school who still jumped into her mother's bed and hid under the covers whenever she got scared. So if anyone has ever wondered why I write about doors and all the weird things that may or may not be on the other side of them, wonder no more.

Dia is the author of Bleeding Violet and coming-soon Slice of Cherry.  You can follow Dia's blog/website, her Facebook or her Twitter.  Also, you can preorder Slice of Cherry, or order Bleeding Violet today!  Make sure to leave her a comment telling her how much you hearted her fright!


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