Monday, October 18, 2010

Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl [Book Signing Report]

I got to The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale on time, even though I totally thought I was going to be late.  There were a surprisingly small amount of people at the signing, which I totally blame on it being at 4pm.  No explanation was given for the odd time, but I'm totally not complaining.  It was great to have such an intimate session.

Apparently the signing was available on Blog TV, with Kaleb Nation hosting the online portion, but I'm not even sure where you could check it out.  Rosemary Clement-Moore of Prom Nights from Hell was present to do the interview portion of the event.

Kami & Margie talked about everything from the emerging Southern Gothic genre to what their favorite Southern foods are (pretty much anything with pecans {pronounced pee cans}).  They explained that the series was originally supposed to be six novels, but shrunk to four because they were able to fit in so much into the novels.  They were witty and funny, and there was an ongoing story about this stuffed beaver that wears a crown that Melissa Marr talked Kami out of buying during the Smart Chicks tour.  Taxidermy is an art form, by the way.

Speaking of the Smart Chicks tour, they totally ripped off the speed round feature of that tour and brought it to this one, but they totally admitted that they ripped it off, so it's okay in my book.

They also spent some time commenting on their writing process - with two authors, they exchange constantly, and claim that you can NOT have any ounce of ego going into the process, because they are constantly degrading (my word, not theirs) each others' work.  Margaret claims to do all the work, and Kami just shakes her head.  It's quite a fascinating dynamic and I hope that you get the chance to see them!

Overall, it was a great event, and I really had a lot of fun listening to them banter and laugh.  I hope that you'll see Kami & Margie if they're coming to a town near you.  Here are the rest of the tour stops:

October 18
Boulder, CO
6:30 PM MST
Boulder Book Store

October 19
Highland’s Ranch, CO
6:00 PM MST
Tattered Cover Bookstore

October 20
West Jordan, UT
7:00 PM MST
Barnes & Noble

October 21
Salt Lake City, UT
7:00 PM MST
King’s English Bookshop  (I went to this bookstore on vacay this summer and it was delightful.  But I'm wondering where the event will be because the bookstore is pretty darn full of books!)

Kaleb Nation is putting together a documentary about their tour - Part 1 is below, and Part 2 will be available aon Kaleb's blog on Friday.

Oh and P.S.  The first two people to email me their mailing address (open worldwide) will receive a Beautiful Darkness bookmark and a Prom Nights from Hell Bookmark too! (WINNERS HAVE BEEN EMAILED.  GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

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