Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing... Frightay Nights

Every Friday in October, we're going to be hosting a frightening story just for you guys in preparation for Halloween!  So, get ready, get your boos on and listen to some frightening stories from some awesome people.  You lucky little witches get to start out with me!

One night, before we were married, Monster and I were hanging out in my parents' house, watching Pearl Harbor at like one in the morning.  My dad was chaperoning us (yes, I was old enough to not be chaperoned, but I was under my parents' roof... so total fair game), but was asleep in his chair.  We were sitting on the floor with our backs up against the couch and Monster had his arm around my shoulder.  Go ahead, get that "awww, so cute" picture in your head.

Next thing we know, we see the lights flicker.  We look down the hall back towards the bedrooms and see this dark mass heading toward us.  Neither one of us said anything to the other.  We just sat there and stared as this dark thing came down the hall and eventually crossed over the top of us.  While it was passing, the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees and both of us started sporting goosebumps.

It continued past us, coming in between us and the television.  We could still see our movie, but it was dimmed by the orb of evil.  Eventually it hovered itself out of the room and right on out the back door.  We both looked at each other, asked if the other had felt and/or seen that crazy orb, and then got freaked out, realizing that what we had just experienced was actually real.

Monster went home.  I didn't sleep well for a week, convinced that the orb had originated from my bedroom. But with all of the other wacky spooky things that happened in the haunted house I grew up in, I soon pushed it to the back of my brain and was able to sleep again, but I never did finish Pearl Harbor, or ever start it again.

Hope you have a wonderful Frightay Night, my dearies.  Tune in next week for another spooky tale from someone else in the world of YA awesome.  Peace out.

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