Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Tales with Tom Leveen - Changing Hands, Sat 10/30, 7pm

Guys! ♥  If you're in the Phoenix area, consider heading over to Changing Hands on Saturday to see Halloween Tales with Tom Leveen whose YA debut PARTY, came out earlier this year.  Oral interpretative is one of my fav types of performance, especially for Halloween (as you might have guessed from my rave about Poe) so this event has been on my calendar since I first read about it!

Halloween LIT at Changing Hands on October 30 at 7 pm! Free event, family-friendly!  Cast includes Amy Nelson-Melle, Matt Dixon, Larry F. Penunuri Jr., Trevor Starkey, Joy Leveen, Kit Kough, Jeff Melvin, Tina Perez, and Mark Young.

Authors include Ray Bradbury, Shel Silverstein, and Bill Watterson ("Calvin & Hobbes"), with original pieces by poet Mark Young and YA author Tom Leveen.

Tom's pieces include both published and unpublished work, including:

  • Tree Fort (originally published in Aoife's Kiss)
  • Alone (originally published in Wanderings)
  • Eating For Two
  • Dinosaurs Downstairs

 The cast is made up of actors who have performed with the former Chyro's Voice Theater, where Tom was Artistic Director.  This performance is the fifth such Halloween event Tom has produced.

So go.  Have fun.  Get your spooky on! (and Tom, thanks for all of the extra info!!)

Will we see you there?

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