Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cast Your Villain at Word For Teens

Because I stumbled on this when Harper Teen posted it to Facebook and it looked fun, and I thought you might want to participate too... so leave her a comment or me a comment telling us who you'd cast as your favorite villain.

My favorite villain from a book has to be Alice from Prophecy of the Sisters.  I love her.  She's soooooo bad.  So.  I think I'd cast Emma Roberts.  She looks appropriately evil to me!

Head over to Word for Teens to participate for yourself... and be entered to win some great prizes, namely Kimberly Derting prizes.  And if you're not a blogger (even though it seems everyone is these days) leave me a comment and tell me who yours would be.


Ella Press said...

I haven't read Prophecy yet, so I have no idea who Alice is...

Sprints said...

Well, mine is Duke Roger of Conte fromt he Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce. For him, I would cast James Caviezel.