Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Bookish Cafe: D'Espresso in NYC

The minute I saw this freakishly bookish cafe, I had to share it with you guys. The image of walking into a cafe that is on its side, where you walk on the books on the shelves either totally excites me or totally horrifies me, I'm not sure which yet, but I keep thinking about this picture. A little research shows that these aren't actually books, but are "glazed tiles printed with images of books create the illusion of bookshelves tilted sideways, running along the ceiling, down the rear wall and onto the floor." Notice also that the floor is actually on the wall. So fun.

This location of D'Espresso is located one block from the New York Public Library near Bryant Park, so its theme is totally appropriate and hella awesome if you ask me. It's going on my list of places to visit if I ever actually make it to NYC. How 'bout yours?

Design firm nemaworkshop is credited for creating this theme with a $500,000 budget for the 500 square foot space. That's $1,000 a square foot! I wish I had that type of budget.

[via Changing Hands via Fast Co Design] [also sourced: New York Times]


L. Diane Wolfe said...

That is just incredible!!!

Theresa M said...

That's so cool! If I ever go to NYC, I'm definitely stopping there!

Jessica said...

The book case along the wall is custom, eco-friendly tiling by Imagine Tile (www.imaginetile.com)

I Heart Monster said...

Thanks for the link, Jessica!