Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Have To Ban A Book... Let's Play Pretend [You're The Expert]

Let's suspend reality for ten minutes.

Pretend you live in a society that censors what you read (I know, that'd never ever ever happen, right?).

Pretend your government said that you had to pick a book to put on its banned books list.  If you don't contribute a title, you will lose all reading privileges and your book buying, library borrowing, and ereading privileges are included in that loss.  If you want to keep reading, you just have to provide them with a title. (No, there is no freedom of speech anymore, or freedom of press... I don't even know how I eeked this post out past Big Brother).

Which title do you give them?  Leave us a comment and tell us which book and why, after which you can come back to reality and join us in the fight against censorship, where people can read what we consider to be crap if they want to.  *feels so good to be free again*


Brooke Reviews said...

lol Should we really be giving them more ideas on books to ban? :P

kathryn evans said...

All memoirs by people with plastic breasts?

April (BooksandWine) said...

It's not out yet, but that new Snooki book, A Shore Thing. I mean, srsly, do we need to be dumbed down any more?

La Coccinelle said...

They can have the whole Twilight series. It glorifies unhealthy relationships, stalking, teenage marriage, superficiality, pedophilia, violence, rough sex, and lying to your parents.

In the real world, I wouldn't ban the books. However, I would try to warn young readers away from them (and if they did decide to read them, I'd want to make sure that they understand the serious issues that the books bring up and then ignore).

Aylee said...

Someone said it before I did: the Snooki book sounds ridiculous.

Shy said...

I'd say "A Modern Faery Tale" series by Holly Black. There is soemthing about these books that did not sit quite right with me. I feel that I'm in the minority group though.