Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Which Book Cataloging Service Do You Tie In With Facebook? [You're The Expert]

I've noticed that a lot of my friends are on a lot of different book cataloging services.  There are so many to choose from, but I usually use Goodreads and Living Social's Visual Bookshelf.  The reasons for that are many, but not what I want to focus on in this post.  For me, Living Social is easy, I like the way it posts the review in my feed, and I like the customization it affords me as to what automatically posts and what does not.   So, how about you?  If you're willing to share, tell us this:

1) Which service do you use in conjunction with Facebook, if any?
2) Why did you choose to use the one you use with Facebook?
3) If you don't use a book service with Facebook, why not?


Carol said...

I use Goodreads with auto-publish in Facebook. I don´t like the way Facebook apps work and publish things... so I don´t use any FB services.

Val said...

via FB: Living Social's Vis Bookshelf, I'm Reading, and many moons ago did I use We Read, but I deleted that profile after not using it far too long. I have friends that use those also, which may have been the reason I decided to give them a try, but I'm not really committed to using these exclusively. Also use Goodreads for variety, but I am still really new to it and haven't figured out yet why ppl like it so much. I admit that's why I have started using it - to see what the hype is about. It hasn't made me say ooo or ahhh and drop the other applications in favour of that one just yet.

KaitlynjFrancis said...

i use goodreads

Sprints said...

I use Goodreads, but mostly because a lot of my friends use it and it's pretty easy to understand, at least for me. I also like its review system and the forums.

S. E. Allain said...

Goodreads. Definitely. But I don't really care about Facebook. I just need a way to save books that I've read and want to read. Even better is that it's a great place to find new books!