Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Read-A-Thon Time Again!

It's almost October... which means that it's almost time for Dewey's 24 hour Read-A-Thon again!  Sign-ups are live for readers, cheerleaders, and hosts for mini-challenges!  Already signed up?  Not signed up yet?  There's still time - October 9th is the date.

What Is A Read-A-Thon?

Well... this Read-A-Thon is all about devoting a 24-hour period of your life to reading.  The idea?  Read for 24 hours straight.  The reality?  Read for as long as you can, and don't make yourself sick over it.

Why In The World Would Someone Do That?

Some of my reasons.  A) It's fun.  B) You are participating in a global event, where people are all reading at the same time, and all posting to their blogs/Facebook Status/Twitter feed how their reading is going.  C) It's way less calories than a 24 hour Cupcake-a-Thon, though that does sound kinda great. D) There are prizes.  E) There are Mini-Challenges for more prizes.  F) When's the last time you read more than one book in one day? (the last Read-A-Thon)

Whoa.  That Still Sounds Crazy.

Well, it is.  And so far, every single Read-A-Thon I've participated in has found me with a horrible sinus infection (it's timed around our huge seasonal changes here in AZ, so it's sucky) and I've only stayed up the entire 24 hours a couple of times.  But, I always get at least one book read, and I always have fun checking out the progress that others have made and I always meet a new bloggy buddy when I participate.  Aaaaaand, I love how people react when I explain to people that I'm participating in a Read-A-Thon with their crazy eyes, and the "OMG, you are a book nut" looks.  Did I mention it's fun?

Okay.  I'll Give It A Whorl.  What Do I Do Next?
Sign up to read.  If you're not sure about reading for 24 hours, sign up to be a cheerleader for an hour so you can check out how it works and whatnot.  Then, go to your bookshelf and pull out 10 books you haven't read yet.  Don't have ten books?  Take a trip to the library.  Now, when you're selecting your books, realize that you're not going to read them all.  Also, pick ones that are 250 pages or less.  The shorter, the better.  It'll keep you moving through and you'll feel less daunted by your reading.  In fact, here'a a fauxlaroid of my selections.

I'm Signed Up.  Now What?
Dude, leave me a comment with your blog link and I'll make sure to check in on you during the 'thon.   Select your books.  Plan your snacks.  Plan your day, and come up with a posting schedule that makes you and your readers happy. (I do one continuous post so that you guys don't get slammed in your readers by stuff you so totally don't care about)


Snazel said...

Oh, I'm doing the read-a-thon! And I even lured my sisters into it. :D

Here's the link to my blog.

I am REALLY looking forward to it, actually. :D

elizabeth said...

I am definitely participating!

Ratoncita de Biblioteca said...

Im participating xD This is my first 24h read-a-thon