Monday, September 6, 2010

Heist Society by Ally Carter [Book Inspection]

Plot Sketch:  Katarina Bishop walked away from the family business in grand style.  As her last act "in the life," she stole herself a new identity, and obtained entrance into an illustrious boarding school, Colgan.  That was all fine and great until somebody framed her for something she didn't do and she gets kicked out.  Thrust back into her old life, Kat bands together with some other teenage thieves to try to free someone important to her of something he didn't do.  It's a game of perceptions, not actions, can Katarina outsmart the best thief of all time?

Verdict: I hated the first third of this book.  I was constantly like, "What?" "Huh?"  And then, about 100 pages in, it all started to fall together.  The only reason I gave this book 100 pages instead of my usual 20 is that I like the author's other work, The Gallagher Girls series.  I said it with Only the Good Spy Young, and I'll say it in this review as well: Maybe Ally Carter is spread too thin.  The first three books of hers that I read I adored.  They were witty, clever, and suspensefully packed with action.  The last two however, I'm afraid are not up to Ally-Carter standards.  Heist Society starts out very confused.  It progresses into a great story, with characters I really hope to read about again someday.  It progresses into something that made me squee with delight and really get into the book... in the last 100 pages.  So, would I recommend this to you?  Sure.  Just don't expect it to sweep you off your feet immediately, 'cause it won't do that.

Location: All over the world, but a lot in London.
Main Character: Kat
Favorite Character: Hale.  *swoon*
Would Change: First 100 pages.  Make them less disjointed, more coherent and like the last 100 pages of the book.
Favorite Line: "Kat simply shook her head. 'You got me kicked out, Hale.'  He grinned and gave a slow bow.  'You're welcome.'"  page 13, hardcover.
Good for Monster?  Nope.  Not something he'd dig at all.
People Who Will Like This:  fans of the Gallagher Girls, fans of the Italian Job, La Femme Nikita, Sydney Bristow, Batman
People Who Won't Like This:  John Robie, Interpol, U2, and Mr. Rogers
Chapters: 37
Author's Website:
Acquire It:  Amazon       Book Depository       Changing Hands

Notes:  The movie rights for this book have been sold to Warner Brothers.  Read more about that at Variety. Also, Ally blogged that they will be aging the characters up in the film from the book.


Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Nice review! This one sounds interesting, but I'm glad to know that it gets better after 100 pages. :)

Nina said...

Ooh, now I really don't know if I would love this. It does sounds like a fun book, but the last 100 pages?, that's a bit too long to waite. ;)