Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham [Book Inspection] [Giveaway]

Plot Sketch:  Teddy, a twelve-year-old boy, and his mom have just moved to Richland, Washington.  Richland is on the desert-ish side of WA state, a city that has a rich history when it comes to nuclear research and the Manhattan project.  Behind the house that Teddy moves into is a giant sycamore tree, and we enter the story knowing that the tree has nuclear-natural abilities.  This is the story of how Teddy discovers how the tree feeds, and the journey that makes you wonder if Teddy will succumb to the tree's feeding habits, and how a new boy in town makes friends that are quasi-real but maybe want to kill him...

Verdict: Here's the deal.  This book is written for twelve-year-old boys.  It freaked me out a couple of times. I may or may have not had a nightmare about the book (I can't decide whether or not I want to own to it or not) and I would caution parents of twelve-year-old boys, or younger boys, to read it first to make sure it's not too scary for their guy.  I mean, if I had read it when I was twelve, there's no way I would have ever climbed another tree, and I probably wouldn't want to be alone in the forest either.  That said, I felt like the writing was concise and flowed well, and was appropriate for the age group it was trying to reach.  Reading this book as an adult or anyone over twelve puts you in a situation where it is easier to get through the scary parts because you know that the scary parts only happen to twelve year old boys.  I think the best part of the book was that the further away from it I got, the better it seemed in my head.  It took a few days for it to settle, but afterward, I realized this was a good book, and one worth sharing with you guys, especially since it is not a huge time investment.  My favorite part though are the chapter headings where the tree gets closer and closer to the boy.  It's a nice touch.

Location: Richland, Washington, USA
Main Character: Teddy
Favorite Character: Teddy for sure.
Would Change: Not sure...
Favorite Line: "He reached down and pulled the parasite branch from his torn flesh with a sickening pop." p.172, hardcover
Good for Monster? Sure.  He'd probably enjoy it.
People Who Will Like This: twelve year old boys, police departments, dogs, and photographers.
People Who Won't Like This: ecofreaks, german a-bomb makers, twelve year old boys
Chapters: 39
Author's Website: http://www.demonkeeper.com/
Acquire It:   Amazon    Book Depository    Changing Hands

Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Publish Date: September 2, 2010 (which is also Mr. Buckingham's birthday)
ISBN-10: 0399252223

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