Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banned Books Week Link Roundup

Guys, just a quick reminder that it's Banned Books Week (not that you can step mouse in the blogosphere and miss it, but hey, you know) and that we challenged you to purchase and sport a banned book in public this week to support its author.

Really quickly, here are a few articles from around the 'net that you might enjoy re: banned books:

Texas: If You Can't Ban Books, Ban Authors, Time
A mobile of banned books at Berkeley Public Library, Berkeleyside
Pentagon Burns Copies of Operation Dark Heart Before Banned Book Week, US Financial Post
Happy Banned Books Week, Time
Universities Plan Banned Book Readings, KSPR (Springfield, MO)

Authors And Readers Rally To Defend Rape Novel From School Ban, The Guardian
Banned Books Week Should Thank Twitter, The New York Times
15 Iconic Movies Based on Banned Books, American Library Association
Can Censoring a Children’s Book Remove Its Prejudices?, Nine Kinds of Pie
10 Ways to Celebrate Banned Books Week, The New York Times

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