Friday, August 20, 2010

Wondrous Strange by Leslie Livingston [Audiobook Inspection]

Size: 101 MB
Length: 7 hours, 1 minute
Author: Leslie Livingston
Narrator: Leslie Livingston

Plot Sketch: Kelley Winslow convinced her Aunt Emma to let her go to New York City to pursue her acting career.  She gets a job at the Avalon Grande as a stage hand where she's also an understudy in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  She all of the sudden gets thrown out of her understudy security blanket and into the leading roll.  She's prepared, but nervous and messes up all of her lines!  So, she decides she had better go to the park and practice.  While she's there, she meets a mysterious guy named Sonny who gives her a peach-colored rose.  She also rescues a horse from drowning in the pond (yes, a horse).  She gets home to her awesomely overpriced ridiculously small apartment only to be followed there by the horse and the horse somehow made its way into the bathtub.  The guy she met in the park sort of starts stalking her.  Throw in some classic faeriedom and you've got WONDEROUS STRANGE.

Plot Verdict:  The story was fast-paced, kept me intrigued and actually made me sit in my car for an average of at least ten extra minutes every time I got home.  I couldn't wait to see what would happen next.  The story is fluid and the language exact.  I am invested in the characters and can not wait to see where they go and how they grow in DARKLIGHT.  There were a couple of plot points that I did not understand like how Kelley was paying for the ridiculously expensive apartment, and I got a little lost during some sort of out-of-body experience she and Sonny experienced together.  Other than that though, I thought the story was wonderfully fluid and wholly creative.  I'd definitely recommend the book to you.

Narration Verdict: So, half way through the story, I finally got used to the narrator's voice.  Then, with about fifteen minutes left in the story, I realized that the author and the narrator were the same person.  Looking back, I can't imagine anyone else even coming close to reading the story correctly.  Livingston knew how long to pause and where to pause, and her acting skills come across in her voice with each character having their own intonation and even at times slight accent.  I would definitely recommend the audio version to anyone who might be looking for something a little more fun, a little more involved, and a little more engrossing than the run-of-the-mill young adult audiobook.  *Fingers crossed* she reads Darklight too.

People Who Would Love This: Nora from Hush, Hush, Annie from 90210, fey lovers, horse lovers, people who have an acting talent, Roger Clemens, New Yorkers
People Who Would Hate This: people who hate fantasy, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Wolf Blitzer, macho men (and not that Monster is a macho man, but he didn't particularly care for this one, which is why it took me so long to read it)

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I looooved listening to this & Darklight (yes the author reads it as well). She was fantastic and I cant imagine anyone else reading it. You can DL this for free all week here: