Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Ten Highest Paid Authors Fiscal Year 2010 [News]

10. J.K. Rowling ($10 million)
9. Nicholas Sparks ($14 million)
8. John Grisham ($15 million)
7. Janet Evanovich ($16 million)
6. Dean Koontz ($18 million)
5. Ken Follett ($20 million)
4. Danielle Steel ($32 million)
3. Stephen King ($34 million)
2. Stephenie Meyer ($40 million)
1. James Patterson ($70 million)

Read the full article for details or view the slideshow with short details, both from Forbes.


Catherine (On The Nightstand) said...

Jk Rowling's not doing too bad for someone who hasn't had a new (not for charity) book out in years - just more HP and one movie right at the start of the calculation period.

Gilliene said...

No Suzanne Collins? I'm surprised!

Darlyn said...

I read about this and it's not shocking to know about JP.