Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kelly Creagh of Nevermore [Debut Interview]

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Astrological Sign: Leo!  ♌
Favorite Author: I have so many! My top favorites include Susan Kay, Robin McKinley, Libba Bray, Joyce McDonald. Of course, Poe goes without saying.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Baltimore MD.
Favorite Animal: Does my dog Annabel count?
Favorite Movie: It's a tie between Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Favorite Musical Artist or Group: My Chemical Romance. I’m also a huge fan of Muse, Flogging Molly and old school Smashing Pumpkins.
Favorite Painter: J.W. Waterhouse
Place You Desperately Want To Travel: I want to go back to Baltimore! Yes, again! I'd also like to go visit Egypt.
Place Most Likely To Inspire: Baltimore? Broken record, I know, right? I also find a lot of inspiration in gardens and graveyards. Stone structures and statues in particular get things moving around in my head. A walk in the woods can also be quite inspiring, especially if it happens to be in the autumn.
A Little About Your Book In Your Own Words:  Nevermore is a multilayered tale filled with subtle clues, mystery, horror, humor and romance. In many ways, it is a story within a story. In fact, while writing Nevermore, it almost felt as though I was holding one mirror up to another, creating present-time events that reflected incident’s from Poe’s past, interweaving and, in some instances, entangling fact with fiction.
Though much of the action in the novel takes place in today’s world, many events of Poe’s life, especially that of his strange and still-unsolved death, play a vital role. And that’s what I mean about the story having layers. Though at its heart Nevermore is a love story, there is so much more writhing beneath the surface, taking shape from out murky ink clouds and stepping through the fog of the past, like a cloaked figure into a midnight graveyard.

Kelly's debut, NEVERMORE, hits shelves August 31!
Preorder it!    Visit Kelly's Website!


Dwayne said...

Looking forward to Nevermore, it tops my TBR!

pirate penguin said...

I can't wait for Nevermore! It really captures my attention-just as this interview did. ;)

Cherry said...

Wooh! How come I've never heard of this before?! Does Kelly have a webiste? I'm a nosey kind of reader :)

Anonymous said...

Yes she has a wedsite!!!!!
The Website is Amazing just like her book you can check out my review for it on good reads!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i read the book and it was amazzzzing whooooooo !!!!!!