Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ghost Huntress Books Optioned for Movies [News] [You're The Expert] [Read Along?]

The three books currently published in Marley Gibson's GHOST HUNTRESS series have been optioned for film by ShoulderHill Films, a division of ShoulderHill Entertainment.

According to the Press Release at PR Newswire, "Danielle Addair, President and Co-founder of ShoulderHill Entertainment said, 'Marley's series stood out to us from the very beginning...  Gibson's knowledge of the paranormal and teenage angst has helped her create a terrific teen adventure. The Ghost Huntress series celebrates girl power while highlighting the fact that it's our differences which make us special.  Each girl finds something in herself by being part of the ghost hunting team.'"

We haven't gotten our hands on the Ghost Huntress series, but were wondering if you guys have read them?  If you have, tell us what you thought about the series or what you've read of the series in the comments section.  We're curious.

And, if you haven't read them, we're thinking this might be a good candidate for a Read Along?  Tell us what you think.  Sound like something you'd love to read and discuss with others?


1inseveralbillion said...

I haven't read this series but it sounds like something I'd enjoy and I've seen the covers around, they are quite eye catching.

Anonymous said...

I read only the first one and it was one of the best book i ever read!