Monday, August 23, 2010

Back To School [You're The Expert]

My darling readers,

I do not generally write posts and ask you for personal advice.  Really, I don't.  But today is special.  See, I'm going back to college (well, I'm enrolled in one class, if that counts as going back to college).  I haven't taken a class in eight (count them...) yes, eight years.  I know college has changed a lot since I left.   And I know that I'm going to be shocked and awed and probably beside myself with anxiety, because as I write this (which was on Friday) I've already got a fluttery tummy.  So.  I start tomorrow.  Commence with the advice, please.  Pretty please?  Remember, I've spent my time in the corporate work environment, though education-related, it was not by any means the same as school.  So slam me with tips and tricks and help me calm down, just a little.  I'll ♥ ya forever.  (probably will even if you don't leave me advice).


I Heart Monster


Cass (Words on Paper) said...

Good luck!

I'm entering university (I hope!) next year, so I'd like to see what people tell you. :)

Everything is going to be all right. Things have a way of working out...

Book Crazy Jenn said...

No advice but I wanted to wish you LOTS OF LUCK!!!

Bahnree said...

Hmmm. Well, for me, classes are always more fun if I manage to break the ice with my classmates (which for an introvert like me is hard). So, if you have an opporchancity to say hi or ask a classmate about what they're reading or listening to or whatever, take it! Classes are just more jolly when you feel like a team rather than in the middle of strangers.

Also, prioritize your homework and keep track! Although I guess with one class this isn't nearly as complicated.

Taking notes is good??


Samantha said...

One class is nothing, and easy as apple pie. (Which honestly doesn't make sense, I think it's like when you've slept like a baby...) Anyway... college hasn't changed... at least in the sense that you go somewhere and learn. Keep in mind I don't know anything besides this college since I'm only twenty. I would say the only thing that might have really changed is MLA formatting... but they are always changing that so don't worry! Cite things correctly and everything should be fine.

And bring a book.

And get at least two or three people's phone numbers so you can ditch and still get the homework. :)

I Heart Monster said...

@Bahnree - I tend to be an introvert too, so good advice! I'll try to make friends.

@Samantha - lol easy as pie. I think I'm really worried about being old! We didn't bring laptops to class when I was in college - I mean no one could really afford them. I'm wondering if I should even bring mine. Oh... MLA formatting. I had forgotten about that horror of horrors. *dies*

Thanks everyone!! ♥

Natasha A. said...

I'm in online courses - so this is a bit different for me. The one thing I can recommend is GET ORGANIZED! What I did is bought an agenda, it shows me whole week. I'm able to write in all of the readings I need to do, all the work that needs to be done, assignments, exams, etc. Plus I can now plan my *free* time around my school work.