Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YA Characters You'd Forbid Your Daughter To Date [You're The Expert]

This post is totally inspired by Elizabeth Bluemle's Characters You’d Let Your Daughter Date article at Publisher's Weekly.

After I read Elizabeth's article, my mind was innundated by characters I wouldn't want my daughter to date.  Here are ten of them:

1) Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars.  Even though I rooted for the whole relationship as a reader, there is no way in hell I could stand behind my daughter dating her teacher in real life.  How Sara Shepard got us to want that relationship to happen is beyond me, so more power to her.  Ezra's a stand up guy and all, but c'mon, I don't want a sixteen year old, no matter how mature she is, dating a college grad.

2) Patch from Hush, Hush.  I admit it.  Patch makes me swoon.  But seriously? My friend asked me why Patch liked Nora.  I couldn't answer.  So, in a maternal role, I can't see myself approving of a dark, fallen angel, who wore all black and had no relevant reason to be with my daughter.  But I daresay it again, *swoon*.

3) Zach from the Gallagher Girls series.  While Zach isn't a bad guy per se, he's got some seriously screwed up living conditions, and is a pretty dangerous guy to be around.  While I don't disapprove for Cammie, I would totally disapprove for my daughter.  Um, hello?  The guy shot a can of explosives with his girlfriend in the room.  Not a situation you want your daughter in.

4) Peeta from The Hunger Games.  I know I'll come under fire for this one, but, I wouldn't want my daughter paired up with someone who a) couldn't have survived without her, b) manipulated her and put her life in danger because of said manipulation, and c) is a complete and total wuss.  Sorry.  Personal opinion.

5) Ariel from Eyes Like Stars.  Ariel is hella slick.  I'd be scared to death that he'd continually talk her into doing things that she didn't want to do.  Love her or not, I think Ariel is probably on every parent's "watch like a hawk" list.

6) Alex from Perfect Chemistry.  Good heart and loads of potential or not, I see Brittany's parents' point.  I wouldn't want my daughter dating a gang member.  Under any circumstances.

7) Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries.  I mean, he's a vampire.  Not only that, but he's a weak, "vegetarian" vampire who wouldn't be able to protect my daughter from the other members of his world.  I'd be a lot more apt to let her date Damon.  (follow the link to find out the top five reasons I'm Team Damon anyway)

8) Edward Cullen from Twilight.  I mean, really?  The guy introduces her to a world that she didn't need to know even existed.  Then he abandoned her because he was too big of a weakling to deal with dumping her and staying in the same town.  Then he comes back and impregnates her with some half-half vampire blood sucking piece of scary?  No thanks.

9)Cabel from Wake.  He's so totally screwed up in the head.  I mean those nightmares?  Those issues?  I wouldn't want my daughter to have to deal with them.  Not that he's not a good guy and not that he doesn't have great potential, but I wouldn't want my daughter to have to deal with that.  I'd also not want her to have to deal with being involved with a snitch and all that risk that encompasses it.

10) Shane from The Morganville Vampires.  Don't get me wrong.  Shane is like another Patch.  He's totally swoon-worthy.  BUT, is he ever going to get out of Morganville?  Is he ever going to go anywhere or do anything with his life?  He's got parental baggage and a lot to overcome, and I don't think I'd want my daughter to date him.  Especially when there was such an age difference.

For the record, only two guys popped in my mind for the reverse of this question.  Tens from Amber Kizer's MERIDIAN, and Guy from Julia Hoban's WILLOW.

Am I a snob?  Probably.  But, tell me, now, who're on your list(s)?


Diana Dang said...

Lol, awesome post. I have to agree with the ones I have read.

Rana said...

i totally agree (but in the sense that i'd never date them being 16 myself) especially about stefan salvatore and edward cullen. On the zach thing i just want to add that he's too secretive, spy or not, he needs to be more open.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! You are so spot on, hehe!

I know most people have this thing for Peeta, but I just don't get it - he's pretty useless, lol ... at least Gale would be able to look after a girl! And you're totally right about Stefan, no freaking way, he's so pathetic ... Damon may be a bit of a delinquent, but the guy would kick-ass before he let anyone even think about hurting his girl. Oh, I totally get what you mean about Alex, too ... NO! NO! NO! ... I didn't like Perfect Chemistry very much, because the whole time I was thinking "Are you STUPID, he's in a GANG! For real! What part of YOU'RE ENDANGERING YOUR LIFE don't you understand?!"

I have to disagree on the Patch side, though ... he may also tend towards delinquency, lol ... but, I don't know, there's just something about that particular guy ... :) And Edward ... yeah, he shouldn't have run off and abandoned Bella, the tried to KILL himself (that was a little on the melodramatic side :o), then returned when she might have started something with Jacob ... the guy was pretty much the cause of all their relationship problems, you can't deny that ... and that PREGNANCY, and that creep-tastic BABY - disturbing ... but, EMO tendencies aside, I think Edward would make a good boyfriend ... AND he kept refusing to sleep with Bella, the guy has morals :D

Oh, yes, Cabel has problems, lol ... but Janie's also pretty strange, so the two of them are good together ... but I wouldn't care for him dating my daughter :o And Shane has some serious daddy-issues :o I haven't read the last few books, though, so I don't know if things improve for him.

elizabeth said...

Great post! I would have to agree with all of these.

Enbrethiliel said...


LOL!!! Can't I just say Edward Cullen and call it a day? =P

Lexie said...

I can see what you mean XD Though Shane is only 2 years older than Claire, so I wouldn't have an issue with the age difference.

But yes--we all sit here and root for the characters and than realize if that was our kid sister or our daughter we'd lock them in a box first. to be fair though, my sister has dated both a nice guy and a former gang member--and its the nice guy who put her into more a more dangerous situation by drinking and driving.

I Heart Monster said...

@Rana - yes! Good call on the secretive part. He's waaaay too that. Even if we do find out a little as to why with the 4th book.

@Bella - I'm sticking to my guns about Patch, but see your point about Edward being animately abstinent. But dude, if that baby is any indication, no wonder he was!

@Enbrethiliel - yes, yes you can :o)

@Lexie - I guess I only have a problem with the age difference while they're that age It totally sucks when you figure out that you can't judge a person's character by his/her resumé, right?

Lyndsey said...

Oooh Tens from Meridian was lovely so I agree with the letting a daughter date him part!

Not sure about Stefan Salvatore being on there compared to Damon. At least Stefan is trying to be good lol!!

Great post!

samantha.thomson said...

Jace from Mortal Instruments - he still wanted her after he thought she was his sister?! Serious issues there...

Ella Press said...

I completely disagree with what you wrote of Peeta. But everyone's entitled to have their say, and I still heart you!

DforDarla's Definite Reads said...

lol. I agree with some of them and others I agree with for different reasons. Mostly because I'm only twenty and I see it closer to a teens perspective. I wouldn't go out with Stefan Salvatore mostly because he's a whinny vampire who hates what he is, his brother Damon however is sexy as hell. I wouldn't want my kid to date Damon either cuz between the two brothers Damon is worse than Stefan (way hotter, but worse).

I Heart Monster said...

@Lyndsey - Yeah, I see your point about Damon, BUT, I think I was looking at it from a protective perspective in that instance. and omg, yes, ♥ Tens!

@samantha.thomson - yes. Jace. He should have totally been on this list. Great call!

@Ella - it seems we will always be at odds when it comes to THG. I completely disagree with what you said about Gale yesterday! LOL. But yes, I still ♥ you too!

@DforDarla's Definite Reads - I get why some people wouldn't let their daughters date Damon. Heck, I probably wouldn't either. BUT, I'd let her date Damon before I'd let her date Stefan or Edward. (and yes, waaaaaaay hotter)

Michelle said...

I gasped when I saw Shane at the list. But its really true. He only got a job now. I would love to see Claire encourage him to something with his life. & I agree with Enbrethiliel that said that this list should just be Edward Cullen. it was funny, He IS the master at emotional abuse.

Enbrethiliel said...


You know, I've been thinking about this since I first commented and I realised that my inability to come up with even five shows how out of touch I must be with YA these days! (LOL!)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Wow, this is hard. I don't know! I agree with letting my daughter date Guy from Willow though. I so heart him. :0)

Wouldn't want my daughter dating Edward for sure though...not even really Jacob from the books because he's a bit manipulative and whines too much and I wanted to punch him in Eclipse (the book, he's a bit better in the movies I think...)


I Heart Monster said...

@Michelle - yeah, I kinda wish washed on Shane, but then when I thought about it was like, Um. Probably not a mom's first choice.

@Enbrethiliel - Don't get out of touch with YA! Noooo! Come back!

@Lauren - Guy. *swoon* such a great guy. And yes, I wouldn't want her to date Jacob either. Another great point from you guys in the comments!

I Heart Monster said...

I also have to say that I'm sure because of this post, karma will force my daughter (if I ever have one) to only date wussy vampire boys.

Chloe said...

Hahahaha as soon as I saw this I knew Patch would be on the list xD It kind of sucks that the majority of swoon-worthy guys in YA would probably end up on this list...

Angiegirl said...

Yay for Peeta being on the list and Guy being on the opposite list! :)

And, as much as I love Alex, I agree he would make me incredibly nervous as a mom. lol.

And I would add Zachary Grey from Madeleine L'Engle's Austen Family series. Beautiful, broken Zachary. Unfortunately, not near my girl, thank you.

Catherine (On The Nightstand) said...

I definitely agree with you about Peeta and Edward. Same goes for Patch being a no, although my reasons for no to Patch are different.

He sexually harasses her, has no concept of personal space and thinks that is all brilliant. That is not on.

GABY said...

I was surprised about Zach, but I guess you're right!!

Enbrethiliel said...


Ooooh! Angiesgirl is right! I wouldn't really want my daughter dating L'Engle's Zachary Grey, although he's probably my favourite character of hers because she ended up giving him an amazing arc.

On the other hand, L'Engle's Adam Eddington is on the happy list with Guy from Willow. =) (Well, most other L'Engle guys are. And the best part is that I know I wouldn't have minded dating some of them, either, when I was a girl!)

YA Vampire Books said...

HAHA fun list! I think I would have to agree with most guys on this list - I wouldn't let my daughter date them. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't like dating them though ;)

I Heart Monster said...

@Chloe - Indeed. I would totally probably myself date most of those guys if it were me (and I wasn't married) ! But not for my daughter.

@Angiegirl - Good call! Glad you feel the same way about Peeta ;o)

@Catherine - Great points about Patch. You're spot on! I seriously gorged myself on Hush, Hush, and in doing that, missed a lot of the little things.

@Gaby - Yeah. I didn't want to put Zach on the list, but when I put myself in a mom's shoes, I had to.

@YA Vampire Books - If only they were real. *if only* *sigh* Yeah, I think putting on mom goggles changes a lot of characters in YA.

Guys, check out My Friend Amy's post that references this one and why she doesn't agree with me that Peeta is manipulative. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. She's got a great argument going for her side. I almost feel the need to rebut :o)

Thanks for all of the great comments so far!

I Heart Monster said...

Also, I just thought of someone to add... Ponyboy from THE OUTSIDERS. Perfect addition, yes?

Lauren said...

Haha, I know every book on that list except Meridian. And yeah, I agree that if I met any of those guys in real life, I'd be running away...but for the non-supernatural ones, I think once they worked through some issues, they're date-able (Especially Shane. Luv Shane)