Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preorder Proof [Saturday Steals]

I'm always touting how much I adore Amazon's preorders.  This week wasn't a huge book buying week for me, but I did get one highly-anticipated preorder from Amazon.  When I ordered it, ONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG, the 4th in the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter, was $11.55.  That's not too shabby for a brand-spankin'-new hardcover delivered to your doorstep.

The day after it arrived, I got the following email from
Greetings from

You saved $2.38 with's Pre-order Price Guarantee!

The price of the item(s) decreased after you ordered them, and we gave you the lowest price.

The following title(s) decreased in price:

Only the Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls)
             Price on order date: $11.55
       Price charged at shipping: $9.17
 Lowest price before release date: $9.17
                        Quantity: 1
                   Total Savings: $2.38

$2.38 is your total savings under our Pre-order Price Guarantee.
So, I totally think it's a steal in a couple of capacities.
1) It's a time steal.  I didn't have to watch for the best preorder price.  I preordered it when it went onsale for preorder and got the best price since.
2) It's a money steal in four ways:
         a) $11.55 is still 33% savings.
         b) An unexpected savings of $2.38 is an additional 14% off.  And I didn't have to work for it.
         c) Since it's from Amazon, I didn't have to pay sales tax, so there is also that additional savings.
         d) I didn't have to drive to a store, it was driven to me, and I didn't pay for that.  It was free shipping.

Did I mention I ♥ Amazon preorders?

I also preordered FURY OF THE PHOENIX by Cindy Pon this week.  It comes out March 29, 2011.  You know you want to preorder it like I did, right?

Got some steals of your own this week?  Why not participate in Archives of Our Lives' Saturday Steals.  The linky  is open until tomorrow night.  At least stop by and see what other steals turned up, kay?


Charmaine Clancy said...

Hmm, I'll have to check out the pre-orders, I love Amazon because it's a lot cheaper than buying books in Australian bookstores (not that it actually stops me from ALSO buying books in stores).

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I pre-order all of the time. I'm a big fan.

Anonymous said...

oh jeez is that the new Cindy Pon cover? First they changed the cover of the original which had a beautiful Chinese girl in a pink silk robe to something not scary!Chinese and shadowy and added dumb racefail codeword copy like "Lush and Exotic" on the cover... and then they follow it up with another bland cover like the remade one.

It's "Liar" again. I hate marketers.

Dwayne said...

Wow. I just wish amazon UK is as kind as Amazon US. You guys get all the goodies so much cheaper!

Camille said...

I just used Amazon for the first time ever last month to buy some books for my summer school class, and got them for 70% cheaper than it would've cost me at the university bookstore. I was tickled pink. If I lived in the states and could utilize the free shipping, I would be QUITE tempted to sign up for amazon prime. As it is, I will live vicariously through your steals.

Thanks for participating! Great post!