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Only The Good Spy Young by Ally Carter (A Gallagher Girls Novel) [Book Inspection] [YA]

Plot Sketch: I'll try to do this without giving anything away... ONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG is the fourth book in the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter.  This book starts out after Cammie's Christmas vacation with circumstances dictating that she needs a protection detail made of of MI-6 and CIA agents.  The story follows the reason that she needs this protection and the way she dodges that at some points and embraces it at others.  It features all of the characters from the last book and adds a few more, while connecting some of the unanswered questions we all had from the previous stories.  But I swear if I tell you anything else I'll spoil it.  Check out the trailer at the bottom of this post.

Verdict: I've never been able to walk away from a Gallagher Girls book before this one.  This was the perfect example of a good book/bad book roller coaster.  There were points when I asked, "Flip midair?  When did Cammie become a teenaged version of Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels?" Then there were times where I literally turned the pages faster than I have ever turned pages before (p. 194)  I kind of felt like the plot and the writing were all over the place and hit-and-miss throughout the text.  I've also come to the conclusion that these books are best read one right after the other as there were several things that I had forgotten about the other books, silly little things like, "What does P&E stand for?" that bothered me throughout the book.  I also felt that after page 200, Carter attempted her Gallagher-Girl-style wittiness and cleverness, but failed horribly.  I used to get at least one chuckle a chapter and after page 200, I got about three giggles total.  I could see where the rest were supposed to be, but they didn't work.  This was less emotionally engaging than the other books have been and I was disappointed that Cammie's mom wasn't in it as much as I would have liked to have seen her around.  Here's the nail in the coffin for me though: With 45 pages left, I was able to put the book down and not think about it.  That has never happened with any other Gallagher Girl book.  I hope Carter isn't spreading herself too thin.  Because of events that unfolded in the last five pages, I will return to the fifth book and read it, but if I were you and I hadn't read #4 yet, I'd wait to pick it up until you read some #5 reviews.

The Gauntlet:

Location: Gallagher Academy
Main Character: Cammie Morgan.  Love her, btw.
Favorite Character: I adored Zach in this book.  ADORED.  So many things fell into place for his character and he just sort of started to make sense to me.
Time to Finish: I don't even know.  I read it over the course of a week.  It was put-down-able
Would Change: I'd make it more cohesive and consistent with the writing style, characters, and plot.  I'd also fix the stupid that was DON'T READ THIS IT'S A SPOILER Why in the world would Zach even shoot the explosives?   Stupid move.  He should have just freed Mr. S with the sword and handed him the gun and fought his way out the way he came with Cammie.  It wasn't like they didn't have support or were drastically outnumbered. SPOILER OVER
Favorite Line: "(I guess Blackthorne doesn't have a Madame Dabney)" p 210, hardcover
Good for Monster? Na.  There are a lot of other books I'd have him read first.  But if your guy is already a GG fan, he might like it.  Though I suspect he'd have the same issues with it as I did.
People Who Will Like This:  cave dwellers, MI-6 agents, Anglophiles, Gallagher-Girls-can-do-no-wrong fans
People Who Won't Like This: people who liked the first 3 gg books for their wit, nitpickers about specifics and details lining up, Mr. Solomon,
Chapters:  36.  Good lengths.
Author's Website:

Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Hyperion Book
Publish Date: June 29, 2010
ISBN-10: 1423128206

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Silvia said...

I haven't read any of the books in this series, although they sound cool.

ig said...

I have been debating on starting this series. Thanks for the review, it helped.

I Heart Monster said...

I really do recommend books 1-3 highly. Hopefully she'll get back on the wagon and hit a homerun with book 5!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe it i love the series anyone who hasn't read it i really recommend this series to you. Its to good to have not read it.