Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars, The Books, & Aria [TV] [Exclusive]

Thanks for answering our question, Lucy!  ♥ 

Watch Pretty Little Liars tonight on ABC Family!


Catherine (On The Nightstand) said...

Wow, that is really really cool. Lucky you!

(This is where I confess that I haven't read the books or seen the show, so I'm just going by the whole "oooh it's an actress from that show that is based on those books" rather than knowledge of plot and characters. XD)

Tawnya said...

Hey! How cool is that?! I Heart Monster is totally famous! What a fine idea that read along turned out to be. Here's to more good ideas and more famous people saying 'hey, I heart monster...'

pirate penguin said...

that's really awesome!

my favorite character on the show is Aria so seeing Lucy Hale answer your question was like...WHOA. :D