Friday, July 9, 2010

The I Hate To Cook Book: 50th Anniversary Edition by Peg Bracken [Cookbook Inspection] [Giveaway]

The Story: This cookbook was first published in 1960.  You know, before cholesterol was counted and before we knew better than to serve each baked potato with a stick of butter.  This fiftieth anniversary edition is just as delightful as the first edition, with a Foreward by Jo Bracken, Peg's daughter.  The book itself witty and funny, and perfect for the a)college student who is just learning to cook; b) newlywed who focused all of his/her time on lecture and not enough time on lab; c) the busy professional who still wants to make yummy food; d) the burnt-out mom who just needs something quick and easy AND yummy.  The part I enjoyed the most about this book on a personal level was not its versatility, but the fact that a lot of the recipes that my mother passed down to me were in this book.  They're named differently of course, but they're the same exact thing that I've been doing my whole life.  The thing I enjoyed most as a reviewer of this book was that the language, though written in 1960 is just as snarky and valid today as I'm sure it was back then.  The true test of a great book is whether or not it will stand the test of time.  This one totally does, which is surely why Hachette chose to republish it fifty years later.

My Favorite Recipe: Sweep Steak.  Not only does is just so happen to be the first one in the book, it just so happens to be the first recipe I ever successfully made on my own.  So how could it not be my favorite?  I love that there are 2 ingredients and that it's short simple and that she says, "bake it at 300° for three hours or 200° for nine hours, it doesn't really matter."

My Favorite Line: from the Household Hints chapter: "Or, building to a truly frenetic climax, 'Is that precious wool skirt riddled with moth holes? Don't despair! Darn the holes, then get bright wool and embroider gay flowers over the darns. Very Tyrolean!' As I visualize that moth-eaten black-and-white-checked skirt of mine bedizened in this fashion I can see that things are rough in the Tyrol."  I literally laughed out loud for like five minutes.

Cheque Please:  Not only are most of these recipes easy, they're easy on the wallet.  In order to get something delicious, it seems you do not have to buy roasted gorgonzola pine nuts and chopped hazelnuts at the store.  You can use staples you have in your cupboards and keep down the amount of time and money you spend.  Brilliant!

Who I'd Buy This Cookbook For:  instead of listing every demographic in the world, see the list of people I don't think it'd be good for.  It'll be easier.
Who I'd Discourage From Buying: Vegetarians, hard-core health-nuts.

Final Verdict:  This cookbook is genius.  It's versatile, relevant, easy, cost-effective, yummy and entertaining. It should be in everyone's kitchen.

Check out Jo Bracken's blog and the I Hate To Cook Book Facebook Page

This new edition drops 7/26.  Preorder it at Amazon or Book Depository

Giveaway:  If you're interested in obtaining a copy of this book for yourself or someone you love, enter your dets into the form below to be eligible to win one of TWO hardcover copies.  Open to US & Canada physical addresses only (no P.O. Boxes) and ends 8/15.

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