Monday, July 19, 2010

A Book Donation At The Hospital [You're The Expert]

So last week, we had occasion as a family to spend quite a bit of time in the hospital as a family.  Everyone's fine now, and everyone's healthy, but when we were sitting in the waiting room, awaiting news on whether our patriarch was going to be okay or not, a bookshelf caught my eye.  I walked over, and saw a sign welcoming me to trade a for a book there or to read one of the books on the shelves while I waited.  I have to say, that in a super-strange way, I felt comforted that someone had taken the time and effort to institute such a program in the hospital waiting areas.  I, being the bookish girl I am, grabbed a tote bag full of books before I left the house to go to the hospital.  I knew that my family would most likely not read them, but I picked one out from my shelves for each of the members of my fam I knew would be in the waiting room with me.  I was prepared.  But for those who weren't, there was a shelf full of books.

What I noticed when I looked at said books, was the shelf was completely devoid of YA titles.  Since I've been at home, going through and organizing my bookshelves, I decided to go through and pick out some titles and leave them on the shelf.  Hopefully some YA titles might help take some teen's mind off of a situation, or heck, some adult's.  I've spent enough time in hospital waiting rooms to know that it can be an agonizing experience and to know that watching TV can not only exacerbate the apprehension, but add a layer of aggravation as well.  Escaping into a book is a very comforting option for a lot of folks.

So I took 26 titles off of my shelves and added them to the shelves on various floors of the hospital (which funny enough, actually blocks access to this website on their wifi, as a seperate journal entry in the filter system) and will likely do it again before I move.  Additionally, I just ordered a hardcover copy of Lisa Mantchev's EYES LIKE STARS exclusively for that purpose... to take to the hospital.  It is such an uplifting and happy read, that I thought I'd add it into the mix too.  I couldn't give up my copy though.

My question to you is this... have you ever considered donating your extra books to the hospital?  Does your local hospital have a program similar to the one I described above?  Would you consider sending a copy of your favorite book to a hospital?


Gilliene said...

The hospital nearest to us does not have such program, but if they did, I would be more than willing to donate!

Good job to you!


Tara (The Bodacious Pen) said...

I wish all hospitals had a program like this! I'm pretty sure mine doesn't. Kudos to you for donating books!

Emily said...

This is such a great idea! There are so many places that might enjoy a book donation- hospitals, domestic violence shelters, youth shelters, nursing homes, you name it. Even many schools are at the point where they need to take donations if they want to get new books for their libraries. My local public library takes donations and then either incorporates the books into the circulating collections or sells them at book sales to raise money to buy new books. Even if a place doesn't have a formal program, many times if you call they can let you know if they have a need for your items or if there's a certain quantity that would work best. Thanks for calling attention to this awesome way to help others!

Martha Lawson said...

I don't think ours does, but what a great idea!!

L.J. Boldyrev said...

I've only been in our local hospital to give birth, and I didn't spend any time in teh waiting room so I'm not sure if we have it or not. But what a great system! And how cool of you to donate!