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And Then I Found Out The Truth by Jennifer Sturman [Book Inspection] [Giveaway]

Plot Sketch: Picking up where AND THEN EVERYTHING UNRAVELED left off, we go on an adventure with Delia and Quinn still on a mission to prove that Delia's mother is alive and kicking, and is possibly in Buenos Aires.  There're suspicions of international corporate crimes, teens acting like James Bond, and worried aunts who put themselves in teen shoes.  I can't tell you too much without ruining the first one and this one as well, but know that it's packed with awesome moments between Quinn and Delia, espionage, secret meetings, and all kinds of drama.

Verdict: Though the ending seemed a little rushed, the story was amazing.  It was engaging and intriguing.  The characters were perfectly developed and I didn't question their motives for making the decisions that they made.  Sturman did an excellent job of making Buenos Aires come alive to someone who has never been there.  She paints it so vividly that Quinn and Delia's actions become almost real in one's mind.  It's a great story that moves quickly and gives you the resolution you're craving at the end of book 1.  It's a great book for all teens as it is completely void of sexual content, which is a great sigh of relief, the language is clean and refreshing, and there are no drugs or alcohol to speak of.  Sturman intrigues us without dirtying us, which I, for one, appreciate.  Even though the teens don't make the same decisions their parents would likely want them to make throughout the plot, for the most part, they think them through and only succumb to impulse on a few occasions, which seems to be a lot like normal teen behavior.  I applaud Sturman for her in-tune approach to teens and that she does not make her characters adults in teen clothing.  Read this series.  You won't be disappointed.

The Gauntlet:

Location: New York City, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina
Main Character: Delia Truesdale.  Last time I said I loved her.  This time, I adore her.  She's grown as a character and it made me love her even more.
Favorite Character: Obviously Delia, but there are so many great supporting characters like Charley, Carolina, Quinn, it's hard to really choose.  I even really like Hunter Riley.
Time to Finish: It took me a while, but only because my life was hectic.  It's a coherent, fast read.
Got Stuck On: Nothin'.
Would Change: There were a few parts between chapters 24-30 that seemed a little over-developed for what they were, and it was slow going through those parts, but it was by no means unbearable, and totally skimmable, which is what I ended up doing.
Favorite Line: "'Argentina's famous for tango,' he said, trying, not very succesfully, to sound like bringing me here wasn't a big deal when it was actually the most romantic thing that had ever happened to anyone in the history of romance." p 237, ARC
Good for Monster? Possibly, but only in audiobook format.  I don't think he'd like the girly chapter headings.
People Who Will Like This:  Argentineans, carnivores, street vendors, smart girls, Juliet
People Who Won't Like This: energy company execs, wildlife conservation experts, Dieter, people who can't stand to be outside of California for two seconds, people who have rats as pets
Chapters:  34.  Great length.  Cohesive.  Flow well.
Author's Website:

Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Point
Publish Date: July 1, 2010 (TODAY!)
ISBN-10: 0545087244

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Book Depository
Changing Hands

If you're interested in reading Jennifer Sturman's awesome, enter your info in the form below to enter to win a paperback copy of AND THEN EVERYTHING UNRAVELED, a hardcover of AND THEN I FOUND OUT THE TRUTH, and an awesome magic 8 ball keychain!  Open to US only (sorry) and ends 8/1.

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