Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leah Cypess of MISTWOOD [Debut Interview]

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Astrological Sign: Cancer 
Favorite Author: Cannot POSSIBLY choose one. But Megan Whalen Turner is definitely up there.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Alaska. I went there for about 2 weeks on my post-bar trip and also saw about 1/76th of the state. I need to see the rest. Not just see, but hike through.
Favorite Animal: Cats.
Favorite Movie: The Last Unicorn.
Favorite Musical Artist or Group: Changes frequently, but the Corrs recur often.
Favorite Painter: Um... Monet?  Probably.  I admit to not being much of an art-appreciator.
Place You Desperately Want To Travel: Nova Scotia, especially the Bay of Fundy. I have a whole itinerary for a trip we were planning years ago, that never panned out, and now I want to use it!
Place Most Likely To Inspire: Anyplace where I can see the ocean.
A Little About Your Book In Your Own Words:  Mistwood starts with men in horseback riding into an enchanted forest, searching for the magical creature who lives there... and with Isabel, the human girl they find in the forest.  Isabel has no memory of what she is supposed to be.  She will be plunged into a castle full of
treachery and deceit, forced to fight off assassins while concealing her lack of power from her enemies. And in her spare time, she'll have to unravel the mystery of her past... and the choices that will determine both her future and the future of the entire kingdom.

MISTWOOD debuted on April 27, 2010.  Check it out from your library, or purchase a copy today!


Ladytink_534 said...

Fun Q&A and I love the cover :)

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