Monday, June 14, 2010

HUGE by Sasha Paley READ ALONG Schedule and Sign-Up [Read Along] #ABCFhuge (

Don't forget that our Read Along for HUGE by Sasha Paley starts this Sunday! Sunday at 12AM, Arizona time, there will be a discussion post live on I Heart Monster for those of you who are participating. We'll talk about the plot and the writing and what we're excited for on ABC Family's tv show HUGE throughout the week.

There's still time to grab a copy from the library or your local bookstore and participate with us. You can also sign-up at the bottom of this post by clicking the Click To Enter text in blue. If you do not have a web address and would still like to read along (you can use your twitter/FB/ addy too), you can just put in as your address. We'd love to have you read with us!!

Day Date Pages Chapters
Sunday 6/20 1-37 1-5
Monday 6/21 38-77 6-10
Tuesday 6/22 78-114 11-15
Wednesday 6/23 115-150 16-23
Thursday 6/24 151-191 24-30
Friday 6/25 192-228 31-36
Saturday 6/26 228-259 38-42


Alea said...

I would totally join but I'm going to be out of town! And I also missed the Pretty Little Liars one! If you do this again for another book please tell me because chances are I will be totally into it!!!!!!!!

suzie townsend said...

If you want a chance to read PERSONAL DEMONS, I'm giving away a copy on my blog :)