Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HELP!! Pretty Please? With A Pretty Little Liar On Top? [TV] [You're The Expert]

So, I need your help.  I'm heading out on a week long vaca today with my fam and won't be able to watch TV tonight to see Pretty Little Liars.  THAT'S A PROBLEM since A just texted me that I need to finish a sentence from the episode tonight or else I'm dead meat and she'll spill my secret.  The text of the text message in case the picture to the left doesn't load.:
Aria, guess what? The end is near! Not the end of the world - the end of our time together.  But before you complete the game, I need you to complete this sentence.  Here's the first part: "Maybe a family's demands..." The only way to figure out the second part is to watch tonight's show.  -A
Now why is that a PROBLEM?  I'm not going to be home tonight or tomorrow or the next day, or for the next week to be able to watch Pretty Little Liars.  Rest assured it'll be recorded for me to watch when I get home from vacay, or that I'll watch it online as soon as it's available, but A will totally spill my secret if you guys don't help me.

So whaddya say?  Are you watching tonight?  Will you help?  Pretty please?  With a pretty little liar on top?

Comment here or on Facebook with the rest of the sentence and I'll give you ten extra entries to win the paperback of the first book... even if you're not the first one to comment.  I mean, the first one could have gotten it wrong, right?

Oh, and P.S.  we got this message from A this week on Facebook:


Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

I'm playing too! I just copied down your sentence, so I'll be sure to try and get the answer for you!

Have fun with your family :)

AtenRa said...

I will watch it tomorrow(time difference) and I'd love to help you.But I think someone else will beat me to it :)

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

I watched it twice to make sure, I think it's: "Maybe a family's demands should come first."