Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 7: HUGE by Sasha Paley Read Along Chapters 37-42 [Read Along]

Plot Summary:  Wil talks to her parents.  They're excited to pick her up from camp.  Wil goes to Huge Rock and waits for April  April doesn't show.  She dances at the party.  Wil goes to the party and confronts April.  April is snotty. Wil outs April and the laxative scheme to Jessica and Marci.  They tell Melanie.  Melanie strips team of gold medals, all of them.  Wil and April go back to room.  They get early morning wake-up and are dragged off to the woods and have to make their own way back to camp.  Wil tells April that Dave likes her.  April feels bad.  Goes to Dave.  Apologizes.  Kisses him.  Goes after Wil to apologize.  Wil blows her off.  Comes back.  Takes April home.  BFFs.

Discussion Questions:

  • Did it surprise you that Wil outted April about the laxative incident?
  • Did it surprise you that April kissed Dave?  What are your thoughts on that?  
  • Do you think April and Wil will stay friends?

Tomorrow's Reading:  NONE.  But, come back for some wrap-up questions.

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elizabeth said...

•It did not really surprise me. Wil was hurt and upset, so it seemed natural that she would out April.
•I really liked that April kissed Dave, but I honestly don't think she deserves him.
•I definitely think April and Wil will stay friends. They have been through so much together.