Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 6: HUGE by Sasha Paley Read Along Chapters 31-36 [Read Along]

Plot Summary:  The girls sneak into Colin's dorm and mix the laxatives into his  protein powder.  The next morning at breakfast, they watch him make his shake and chug it.  The Wellness Canyon Olympics start right after breakfast and Wil & April's team come in second to Colin's team in the relay race.  The girls wonder if they mixed the laxatives correctly.  Jessica wins swimming contest for Colin's team.  April wins trivia contest for her team.  Colin does over 100 situps on his own to make his team win that event.  Dave wins the tape measure toss for his team.  It all comes down to the rock wall climb.  Colin vs. Dave.  Laxative kicks in.  Dave wins.  Colin runs to bathroom holding his hand on his bum.  Colin gets caught with the laxatives April & Wil planted in his gym bag.  Colin gets confined to his room for the night of the dance.  Dave comes by the room and asks April if he can walk her to the dance (awww! so cute!)  They get to the dance.  Dave and April dance.  April goes for punch.  Gets apologies from Jessica and Marci.  Dances with J & M.  Feels like part of the in crowd for the first time in her life.

Discussion Questions:

  • Do you think that the girls will have regrets about the way they got revenge on Colin?  Do you think they'll get caught?
  • What do you think about Dave crushing on April?  Do you think that she treated him decently?
  • Do you think April was too forgiving of April and Marci?
Tomorrow's Reading:   Pages 228-259/Chapters 38-42 (Last Day!!)


Tawnya said...

*unless April spills the beans and tells someone, I don't think they will get caught.
* Dave is so cute. April hasn't noticed at all that he likes her, even though he always works out with her, eats with her and always tries to find her. She is so oblivious, even when he walks her to the dance & says se looks hot! And she throws it all away when Jessica & Marcie say hi to her. April still has a lot to learn. I was so disappointed.
* I am surprised April forgave so easily. She had a total change of heart with Colin, and it seemed like she was seeing these girls as very silly and all they could do was giggle. But I can also see how receiving an apology from someone you saw as untouchable as she viewed J & M would be a dream come true. I believe it is her dream for that exact thing to happen at school with Olivia St James. But I wish that her self esteem had come farther and that she didn't need to forgive so easily, or forgive but not need their approval so badly.

Josh said...

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elizabeth said...

•I don't think they will have regrets or get caught. I feel that April might tell Jessica and Marci, though.
•I think Dave's crush on April is cute. I don't think she is treating him decently, though. She should be nicer to him. I can't believe she just ditched him to hang with Jessica and Marcie! How rude.
•I definitely think that April was too forgiving of Jessica and Marci. I feel that they are going to do something to embarass her. I don't think they really want to be her friend.