Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 5: HUGE by Sasha Paley Read Along Chapters 24-30 [Read Along]

Plot Summary: The girls rack their brains for a new plan to humiliate Colin.  There's the rowing race where they come in second.  The watermelon race where they come in first.  Wil shows up for a spinning class.  The girls go to 7-11 to get ExLax.  April's mom calls. Tells April she has diabetes.  Tells April to stay at camp.  Wil shows up for weigh-in.  Has lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks.  April tries to hug her.  Wil pushes her away.  Melanie takes Wil into her office.  Tells her that she doesn't have to be so negative.  Let's it slip that April saved for over a year to be at Wellness Canyon.  Wil has an epiphany and decides to take April shopping at the mall.  At the mall, the girls try on dresses.  Wil is shocked that the black Theory wrap-around fits her, and that she's looking skinny-ish. April is looking great, and Wil offers to buy her a dress.  Wil decides that shopping for clothes could be fun if she had a friend to go with.

Discussion Questions:

  • What was with the Colin 180°?  Why did he go from kissing to dissing?
  • What do you think about April's mom having diabetes?  
  • Do you think that April is relieved that Wil knows that she paid for WC all by herself?  Do you think it was hard for her to keep that a secret?
Tomorrow's Reading:  Pages 192-228/Chapters 31-36


Tawnya said...

*what IS up with Colin? What a jerk. Perhaps he had some sort of camp kissing bet of his own. I did like how he was totally scoping April out in the watermelon competition. It sounds like she's looking pretty good, too bad he torched that bridge.
*I'm sorry to say that I think the diabetes thing can only be good. At least April will now have a support group at home, and can put all her new knowledge into helping her mother too.
*i think April is relieved, especially because they have a relationship now, would it have been as effective for Wil to know earlier when she had zero investment in April? I think it was probably harder for April to keep up appearances than it was for her to keep quiet about her secret.

elizabeth said...

•I reallt do not know what is Colin's problem. He is a jerk! I really hate him now. I want April and Wil to get their revenge.
•I agree that the diabetes thing could be good for her mom. It should force her to live healthier and eat better.
•I think April is definitely relieved. I like that Wil and April are actually acting like friends now.