Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 4: HUGE by Sasha Paley Read Along Chapters 16-23 [Read Along]

Plot Summary:  Wil finds Colin at Huge Rock.  They have a mini-makeout session even though Wil knows that Colin is totally drunk off of his bottle of Tanqueray.  Wil goes back to the dorm to tell April that she's won.  But April tells Wil that she's won first.  They argue over who has really won, and decide to figure it out in the morning.  April is confident that she'll win because Colin has invited her to hang out with him and his group.  At breakfast, Colin disses Wil and tells he he gets why her parents are embarrassed of her.  Then when April tries to sit with him, he tells her that the chair she's sitting in belongs to someone else.  April makes it out and starts to cry.  The girls realize that Colin doesn't like either one of them.  April runs into Dave at the gym.  They decide to work out together.  Colin comes in and practically ignores them both.  April almost loses her shorts.  Colin makes fun of her undies and tells her he doesn't wanna see her any sort of naked.  The girls discuss plans to get back at Colin.  They have a weigh-in where April is down 22 pounds and Wil is up 3.  Girls hatch plan.  Plan gets derailed by news they overhear from Colin.  Girls go back to room to work on new plan.  Package arrives for Wil.  It's skinny clothes.  She tells April to take whatever she wants.

Discussion Points:

  • What do you think Colin's motivation was in leading-on both of the girls?
  • What did you think of the girls' revenge plan?  What would you do if you were in their situation?
  • We talked about April's package once.  Let's talk about Wil's package now and why she feels the way she does about what her parents sent her.

Tomorrow's Reading: Chapters 24-30/Pages 151-191


Tawnya said...

*colin mist have gotten what he was after as he no longer feels the need to be decent to either girl.
*the girl's payback was decent, but no matter what would have been short lived with the arrival of the real letter no matter what it said. That said all I can think of are 'parent trap' type camp pranks, unless they can possibly get Paul & Dave to lend a hand.
*I think it's interesting that the girls got each others dream packages. I think oth sets of parents should listen to their kids a little more. If wil's parents talked more about health issues and took her to award dinners even if it is somewhat bad for business. They could easily say that Wil is what inspired their business... Anyway it's interesting that Wil is insulted while April is inspired.

elizabeth said...

•I think he is just a player. Maybe he kisses every girl at the camp.
•I thought their plan waws good. Too bad it didn't work out. I agree that they should get Paul and Dave to help them.
•I think she just wants her parents to accept her as she is. Her care package shows her that they won't accept her until she changes.