Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 3: HUGE by Sasha Paley Read Along Chapters 11-15 [Read Along]

Plot Summary: The girls decide to have a competition to see who can get Colin to like her first.  There's the scene at breakfast, where April flirts with Colin.  Then there's the scavenger hunt where Wil flirts with Colin and loses the blue egg with the Death Cab tickets because of it.  And then Wil tells Colin that her parents own Excalibur gyms.  Then April goes to the movie.  She goes for popcorn and Colin kisses her.  She wins?

Discussion Points:
  • "First one to make Colin like her wins."  Discuss. Did April win the bet?
  • April saved $7,000 for this camp.  But she's never had a gym membership.  7k is like 14 years of gym memberships.  Why do you think April chose Wellness Canyon instead of Excalibur?
  • Do you think Wil's attitude about the camp would change if April divulged that she wasn't a spoiled rich kid and had saved all of the money and paid for the camp herself?
Tomorrow's Reading:  Pages 115-150/Chapters 16-23


elizabeth said...

•I don't think their bet is over yet. Colin seems to like both of them.
•She may have chosen Wellness Canyon over Excalibur because she is probably self conscience about working out in front of other people who aren't like her. She may have thought she would be more comfortable at Wellness Canyon.
•I think Wil's attitude would definitely change. She may view April and why she is at Welness Canyon differently and start treating her better.

Tawnya said...

* Why must there always be a bet? *sigh* Ok, so Colin, 'the nice guy' is probably used to alot of attention being a football player. He's sort of between Wil & April in commitment level to the camp, he wants to loose a few pounds, but his parents sent him here instead of a gym/sports camp & he cheats like crazy on the diet. I'm starting to wonder if Colin isn't a big time player - he flirts with both Wil & April and always has a group of girls around him. And he totally went for the kiss when he barely knows her, they've spoken like twice, maybe 3 times... This bet is totally going to backfire (as all bets must).
* For some reason April sees Wellness Camp as the answer to all of her problems. Maybe she doesn't know where to start and realizes that here is where she will get all the information she needs. What exercises are best, and for how long, what is ok to eat, and how much... I can see how April would feel overwhelmed at the gym, not know what to do, and then just be really embarrassed. She seems to follow what the popular kids do, but this is an area where she can't, so she finds someone to tell her how to.
* I don't know if Wil's attitude would change about the camp at first. She will totally sing a different tune about April though, and after thinking it through she might feel differently about camp - but will it be enough for her to want to change herself?? Do you see a bonding moment with BFFs ahead?

I Heart Monster said...

I agree with Tawnya, "Why must there always be a bet?" This betting concept is played out now, I think.

I also agree that Colin is a total player and think that he's probably a lip whore. But I still think that you have to like a girl - in that way - to kiss her. So, I think that April has won the bet. What I don't know is how she's going to tell this to Wil. It's sure to backfire, and there's like now way Wil will take her word for it!

I think you both have valid points about why April would choose to go to Wellness Canyon over the gym. I still don't get it though.

While I hope that Wil's attitude about the camp would change, I wish her attitude about life in general would change more. I wish April would get on with telling her that she's not a spoiled rich kid. (I think it's inevitable) I'd like to see the effect that little tidbit of knowledge will have on the Princess of Excalibur. Is it enough to want to change herself? Maybe not. Is it enough to make her change her attitude so that she'll quit hindering April's progress and start aiding it? I sure hope so. A bonding BFF moment? Gosh. I don't see it. But I can't rule it out.