Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 2: HUGE by Sasha Paley READ ALONG Chapters 6-10 [Read Along] #ABCFHuge

If you're just joining us, check out the instructions and schedule, and the discussion of Chapters 1-5!

Plot Summary (Chapters 6-10):  Fitness testing is over and it's time for teams to be formed.  Much to her dismay, April gets stuck with Wil on a team with Paul and Dave.  Wil finally gets in trouble for her attitude and earns two demerits.  April gets a package from home from her mother with a bunch of cookies, which makes her cry.  Flash forward like ten days.  April is trying to keep up with the rest of the campers on a woods walk, but she is required to stay with Wil, and Wil is doing as little as possible.  They fall behind and get on the wrong trail.  They get lost.  They go farther up the trail hoping to find the way back but instead they spot a 7-11.  Wil talks April into going.  Wil starts to shoplift candy.  Colin comes in.  April and Wil both have a thing for Colin.  Colin buys their contraband for them.  Kids drive up in a BMW.  Moo at April, Wil, and Colin.  Colin punches one of them.  The three go back to the woods where Wil and Colin have an iPod moment where they quasi-bond over Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.  Colin realizes he's forgotten room key, leaves girls to join up with walkers.  Girls join up.  Finish hike.  Melanie comes to their room.  Confiscates contraband and tells them she's disappointed in them.

Discussion Points:
Feel free to pose your own ?s in the comments so that we can get a great discussion going on.
  • Which boy are Wil and April going to fight over and why?
  • Why did April cry about the cookies her mom sent her?
  • April blames Wil for the 7-11 contraband confiscation and her own weakness.  Do you feel that at this point in the story April owns her actions?

Tomorrow's Reading: Pages 78-114/Chapters 11-15
Note: We used page numbers from the hardcover.  Not sure if they are the same in the paperback as I have been unable to find a copy to compare.


I Heart Monster said...

I think they'll fight over Colin, but I also think that later on they'll fight over either Paul or Dave or that one of the girls will fall for one of their teammates.

I think April cried about the cookies because they are a physical manifestation and validation of all of the things she struggles with at home. And the fact that her mom would be so insensitive to her desires as to send her crazy fattening cookies at fat camp cannot feel good.

I think the fact that April hasn't taken the reins and taken over the grocery shopping and food prep and like Tawnya said, try every fad diet out there, shows that she doesn't have ownership of her actions. I also think that even though they are supposed to be partners, she didn't have to follow Wil to 7-11. The fact that she did shows that she has weak character and no personal responsibility which, frankly, for a sixteen-year-old is kinda pathetic.

Tawnya said...

1. Uh, duh, Wil & April are totally going to fight over Colin. April is kind to Paul & Dave, but the fight is over Colin - all the way.
2. April cried over the cookies because it just shows how out of touch her mother really is. Even if her mom is ok with the way she looks, she should be aware that April wants to change. Saving up $7000 should be proof enough. I think I would have cried too, April is all alone in her quest to be healthy, not even her roommate & the guy she is crushing on are as committed as she is. And as a mother don't you want your child to succeed in all her endeavors??
Ok, side note/question - $7000, who can save up $7000 from birthday and Christmas money??? Her family may not be 'loaded' but apparently they are well off. I didn't hear mention of a job that contributed to that pile o' cash.
3. I think this is April's character flaw. So far, the only thing that is making sense to me is that she doesn't know how to do things for herself. This seems like the first thing that she has really wanted and done something about. I give her props for saving up for it herself, realizing that she doesn't know any better - and that she could be enacting similar changes at home. I don't think her mom has taught/shown/exemplified an attitude of if you want something, go for it. It seems to be more of a 'if bad things happen, there's nothing you can do, so you might as well eat something tasty' kind of attitude.
April is a total rule follower, to the point where she doesn't question what could happen if... I think that's why she followed Wil to the 7-11, because partners have to stay together. I think it's also why she hasn't questioned/pushed her mom's choice of menu.

elizabeth said...

•They are going to fight over Colin because they both like him, but in different ways. I think April is crushing on him while Wil just thinks Colin is cool.
•I think April cried about the cookies her mom sent her because her mom just doesn't understand that April wants to lose weight, and she cannot do that with eating the junk food her mom provides her. April is trying to work really hard to get results and although her mother is fine with the way she looks, April wants to change.
•I think April is very dependent on other people. She seems to follow the 'cool' kids around. I don't think she knows how to take control of her actions.
@Tawnya: I was thinking the same thing! $7,000?! I don't think I have gotten that much money with all of my birthdays and Christmas' combined.