Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 1: HUGE by Sasha Paley READ ALONG Chapters 1-5 [Read Along] #ABCFhuge (

Welcome to our HUGE by Sasha Paley Read Along getting us ready for the debut of HUGE on ABC Family!  If you're unfamiliar with what we're doing here, you can check it out at this post, where you'll find instructions and details about what we're reading and when!

Plot Summary (Chapters 1-5):  We met Wilhelmina who only wants to be called Wil.  Her parents are making her go to Wellness Canyon, a "fat camp" of sorts.  She's secretly made it a goal to be the only there that gains weight because she does not want to go.  Contrastly, (yeah, I made that word up, so start using it won't you?)
April has saved all of her money for the entire year so that she can go to Wellness Canyon.  You see, it's just her and her mom, and all they eat is fattening foods.  The girls get to Wellness Canyon, and find out that they are roommates.  Wil promptly informs April that she has no intention of losing any weight or participating in the programs.  They are all told that their success depends on their teamwork and support from their roommates.  April is horrified.  April tries to fit in with the perceived popular crowd and she is a little disappointed to find out that there is already an established clique because she was hoping that everyone would be starting out as equals. She's kinda attracted to Colin, so when they're doing fitness testing, she tries to impress him.  Wil picks up on it. Calls her on it.  April challenges Wil to do better than she does.

Discussion Points:
I'm going to try to stick to 3 points per day.  I want this to be easier for people to participate in... feel free to pose your own ?s in the comments so that we can get a great discussion going on.
  • How do you think Wil's and April's backgrounds and attitudes will affect their experience at Wellness Canyon?
  • Do you think Wil will accept April's challenge?
  • What's your favorite character so far?
Tomorrow's Reading:  Pages 38-77/Chapters 6-10
Note: We used page numbers from the hardcover.  Not sure if they are the same in the paperback as I have been unable to find a copy to compare.  
Click the picture to visit ABC Family's site for HUGE.  


Cleverly Inked said...

I have to tell ya ut's 9 am and I think Smores sound awesome

I Heart Monster said...

I know, right? When I was writing this this am, I was like, mmmmm S'mores.

I wanna wait to weigh in until someone else has though!

Tawnya said...

#1 Wil & April seem like total opposites, at least their reasons for being there are. You always value what you have to work for, and I don't know many teenagers that save all their money for a year for anything. So April really really wants to be there and get results fast. Wil says she is happy the way she is, but she doesn't seem too happy to me. I think it's interesting that April, who wants it more doesn't seem to have a history of exercising, while Wil who apparently could care less has had personal trainers for years - even if not her choice. I'm also surprised that fad diets haven't come up yet, especially if April wants it so bad, and she has some spare change saved up, why hasn't she tried some of these diet pills/drops/injections??
I think April has set herself up for some major disappointments because she is so naive/hasn't done her homework. This camp is 6 weeks, and she is expecting to loose all her extra pounds in that time, which just isn't realistic. She is also diggin a guy who seems to be into someone else. I would have thought that for someone who has looked forward to something for a whole year, she would have looked into it more, like average weight loss, and workout regimen, and diet. If she would have spent that year trying to do some of the things they do there, she would be well on her way already.

#2 I think Wil does accept the challenge, at first because she is defiant, and then for spite to show at the end of the stay that she has gotten worse.

#3 I think Wil is an interesting character that is portraying self-love with her current size, but I don't believe it. She is using her parents as an excuse to 'rebel'. I think her identity is based too much in her size, and there is probably some fear that goes with changing something she is comfortable with.
I think April is a sweet character, and as my rambling above shows, I don't really understand her. She says she's ready to be a new person and has spent a year waiting for this opportunity for someone else to tell her what to do, even though on a very basic level she understands that she is not eating right at home. I just don't get how she thinks this is all going to work. You go to fat camp, get skinny, come home and magically your home is going to be a place where you can stay skinny??? I guess she just is that naive, which is sort of endearing. I really hope it works out for her.

elizabeth said...

Tawnya, you made some excellent points

•I agree with Tawnya, they both have very different reasons why each of them are at this camp.
•I think she will appear to, but she will really be sabotaging April.
•I have to say April is my favorite character because she is more likable. I agree that April's expectations are way too high. I do not think she is going to lose even close to as much weight as she wants to.

I Heart Monster said...

I agree with both of you about the first point. But I want to add that because April worked for and sacrificed to come to Wellness Canyon that I think she'll value it more than Wil. I think it's human nature to place a higher value on something that you've sacrificed for. Wil is spoiled and rebellious, as you've said. But she also has accessibility to trainers and gyms at home and parents that understand what she needs to succeed. So while I feel April is more likely to succeed at camp, I feel that Wil is more likely to succeed in the long run just because of the support system that Wil has.

I think Wil will accept the challenge too. Even if it is, like elizabeth said, just to sabotage April.

I think my favorite character so far is April. She is definitely a lot more likeable than Wil. Though, I do admire Wil's individuality, I agree with Tawnya that it only goes so far. The majority of her actions are a result of rebelliousness, not self-confidence. I hope that both of these characters will evolve into something a little more coherent and meaningful.