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Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures by J. Torres and J. Bone[Book Inspection] [Graphic Novel] [Blog Tour]

Title: Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures
Author: J. Torres
Illustrator: J. Bone
Publisher: Tundra Books

Description: Alison's mom is an archaeologist. I can't tell you what her dad does, or I would spoil one of the sets for you. Alison has great friends, and lots of adventures in far-off places as well as places near home. She has a knack for getting herself into things that most other young ladies couldn't even dream of getting themselves into. You know those stories people tell where it's too wacky not to be true? Those are the types of stories Alison will tell for the rest of her life... and she'll have a plethora of them!

Verdict: Dude, I loved Alison's misadventures! With three stories per book, I was treated to a quick adventure story with great illustrations. I loved that Alison has parents that are in the picture and that love and care about her, but that she still finds herself in places where either a) her parents have to help her out, or b) she has to help her parents out. It's a refreshing symbiosis in a genre that usually takes parents completely out of the picture or makes them totally useless. I think that Torres & Bone have struck a harmony here that will be most enjoyable for adults, parents, teens, preteens, and children, making ALISON DARE appealing to a mass market. Ready to get your adventure on? Pick up ALISON DARE today!

People Who Might Like This: fans of The Mummy(1999, Brendan Fraser) and The Incredibles (2004), covert operations officers, people who like genies.
People Who Probably Won't Like It: I'm having trouble thinking of a demographic that wouldn't like it.  I guess sappy romantics who don't like action?  That's the only one I can think of!

As part of the blog tour, Alison was able to go on some accompany Monster and I on some of our own adventures. We went through tornadoes in Wichita (sorry, no picture available, Alison tossed the camera at the tornado to try and get it to go in a different direction... a bit unsuccessfully might I add, but we're just fine, and have a new camera too). Then we headed up to Iowa where we got to spend a little time on a farm. Boy did Alison get herself into trouble with the locals! She made up her mind that she was going to work the fields and get an idea of what it was like to be a farm girl, but she wrecked the tractor, and we had to hide in the house across from the field to get this picture (minus the tractor) so that the angry farmer couldn't find us.

Then we headed through Nebraska and we followed the train all the way to Wyoming.  Oh my goodness.  You should have heard the plans that Miss Dare came up with for that train.  We were so sick of hearing about Union Pacific this and Golden Spike that, and we were just glad that the RR veered away from the highway once we hit this RR car.  Alison demanded that we take her picture with it though because she was not going to have her plans and theories forgotten.  Nope.  We had to preserve them with a picture.

Then we took her to Rock Springs, Wyoming.  She got a nice break there and visited the White Mountain branch of the library.  She swears that she can like speed-read or something because she found a ton of great YA books in that 'bary.  She said that it was most impressive, and even though it doesn't look intimidating from the outside, we had to commemmorate it because the inside (especially the YA section) was "incredibly amazing."  Her words.  Not mine.  (though I don't disagree)

Then we went to this great little Chinese place for dinner... she had issues with her fortune out of her cookie, and we took a candid of her getting a little overzealous in arguing with her fortune: "To get respect from others, one must first give respect to others."  She thought that people should respect her and all of her expertise just from the many rumors that pass around talking of her great triumphs in life.  We told her that she wouldn't have triumphs in life if it weren't for her respecting someone enough to learn from them, but she just didn't see it that way... until the waiter put her in her place with a, "I'm sorry, I don't know who Alison Dare is."

Then we had a very very fun adventure.  You won't even believe it if I tell you about it.  No, you won't.  I swear.  It was MAY and it snowed on us.  You should have seen the fountain of data that came out of Alison's mouth about how I, an Arizona girl, was ill-prepared for a trip to the Midwest without long sleeves.  "May isn't the same in Wyoming as it is in Arizona," she informed me.  This I have learned, as well as all of the possible uses for a shovel in a snowstorm.  Thanks Alison.

Then, oh.  THEN.  I almost forgot about this one.  Alison totally got into a fight!  There was this adorable little five-year old girl that we were visiting who just so happens to be our niece.  She was all kinds of curious about Alison and what Alison did.  So we sat down together and read a little bit of one of Alison's adventures.  Alison busted out with a "See how cool I am?" and our niece (she's adorable, right?) was like, "Um, no.  See, I just got back from Ireland where I was solving mysteries about princesses and castles and uncovering where the last unicorn lives."  And Alison was like, "Oh yeah? Well, I just got back from the Middle East where I met a genie!" and our neice was like, "Whatever.  Unicorns totally trump genies."  And thus, chaos ensued.  As you can see, is was a knock down drag out, and I was sure glad I had help in breaking it up!

When we finally got home, Alison got into one last fight.  You see, she was mad at the saguaro for poking her on one of her adventures, so she decided she'd teach it a lesson.  Unfortunately, she didn't realize that saguaros were so big, so thankfully, she decided to back off and just pretend to be mad at it!

All in all, we really enjoyed having Alison along for the trip with us.  She was great company and made the trip unique and memorable.  Thanks for accompanying us, Alison, and thanks, Tundra, for letting us participate in the Double Blog Dare Tour!!

If you'd like to read about Alison's adventures, pick up a copy at Amazon, Book Depo, or Changing Hands today!  AND, if you're so enclined, take some pictures of Alison yourself and enter into the contest to win an Alison Dare prize pack!

Also, check out the Tundra website, and Tundra's Blog where you can find other installments of the Double Blog Dare Tour!

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Thanks for taking Alison on your trip, and thanks for being part of the Double Blog Dare Tour!