Wednesday, May 5, 2010


spelunker • \spih-LUNK-er\  • noun

: one who makes a hobby of exploring and studying caves

Example Sentence:
Our favorite B horror movie is about a group of spelunkers who discover a colony of zombies in a cavern.

Did you know?
"Spelunker" sounds like the noise a pebble makes when you drop it down a deep hole and into dark, hidden water far below. But there's nothing dark or obscure about the etymology of the term. We borrowed "spelunker" from Latin "spelunca," which in turn derives from Greek "spelynx." When you get to the bottom of things, you find that both the Latin and Greek words mean "cave." Although "spelunker" might sound neat, be careful: some cave-exploring enthusiasts prefer the term "caver."

Though I enjoy caving with friends, I'm a very untalented spelunker because I once got wedged into a very tight, very scary spot.  

Your turn! Use spelunker in a sentence in the comments section to try out your new vocab awesome.

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celi.a said...

My brothers are enthusiastic spelunkers, but it's not for me. I am afraid of the dark. Just the tiniest bit, mind you, but caves = scary.