Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Read Along #7 {Chapters 31-35} [Read Along]

Plot Summary {Chapters 31-35}:  Aria goes to get phone from Ezra.  Has fight about what Ezra found on phone.  Aria leaves.  Spencer collapses at news of Alison's body.  Gets wrapped in blanket.  Recovers.  Wren comes back.  Will call her. Finds out Andrew wrapped her in blanket. Funeral.  Girls find out they're all getting messages from A.  Cops are reopening investigation.  Ends with all four girls getting a text simultaneously.

Discussion Points:

  • Aria and Ezra.  Are they over for good?
  • Did you expect to see Wren again?  Do you think he'll call?
  • What do you think will happen with Spencer and Andrew?
  • What did you think about the funeral?
  • Who in the world is A???????
  • Will you continue reading these books?
  • What do you think about the casting for the show?
  • Will you watch the show?

Left to Right: Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna

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AtenRa said...


Ezra and Aria, OMG!!!Wasn't their fight scene amazing?????

I liked the funeral, especially when Toby and Jenna walked in. Honestly, I was surprised because I thought Jenna was dead.The Jenna Thing still not explained.

Whoever A. is, I don't think he/she is the one who killed Alison.I think something is going on with one of the girls, but I don't know which one.

I'm in the middle of Perfect, PLL#3.I didn't like Flawless much, but so far Perfect is very good.

Hell yeah, I'll watch the series!!!As for the casting....Well, Spencer is OK,pretty much like I imagined her.Wasn't Aria supposed to be a freak, with weird haircuts and whatnot?Well, Lucy Kate Hale looks as preppy as one can get.Emily is nothing like I thought she'd be, but she seems to have that shy-girl demeanor, so I guess she's OK.Now, Hanna I like.She seems to have the right bitchy attitude.

elizabeth said...

Discussion Points:

•I don't think Aria and Ezra are over yet.
•I definitely expected to see Wren again. I think him and Spencer will continue to see each other in secret.
•I'm sure something will eventually happen between Spencer and Andrew.
•I thought the funeral was great. I liked that the girls are talking again.
•I have no idea who A is. I wonder if we will ever find out?
•Yes, I will continue to read these books. I want to know what happens next.
•I liked the casting for Aria and Hanna. They were kind of like I imagined them. I'm not sure about Spencer and Emily. I guess I just imagined them differently.
•Definitely going to watch the show!

This was so much fun! I would love to do something like this again :)

Tawnya said...

* Aria and Ezra. They are totally getting back together!!
* I'm sort of surprised to see Wren again, I guess it proves that he really does like her, and not just diggin the cute younger sister. But does he really think it will work out?
* Oh, Andrew, so sweet - he totally hearts her. But she totally doesn't deserve him! I think that Spencer is starting to think of Andrew in a different way, or at least I think she should (which is not the same thing, I know) I would hope that for the sake of her family and herself she would get over Wren and get attached to someone a little more appropriate.
* I am also glad that they are all finally talking to each other again. Was it me, or were they not really mourning the loss of an old friend? Ooooooh, and Jenna showed up, now I really want to know what happened with the whole 'Jenna thing'!!
* Who in the world is A??????? Exactly!
* I probably won't read these books. It seems like way to much to get to any answers. If there's absolutely no clues to anything, it doesn't seem likely that they are coming out anytime soon.
* I like Aria & Hannah, um, isn't Emily's mom kind of prejudiced? I'm totally surprised Emily is ethnic. And wasn't Wren like part Korean?
* I have watched the first one, and I'm surprised that the first episode is basically the whole first book, that's quite the pace to set. Just remember it's 'based on the books'. I don't know if I will watch any of the others, although it would be faster than reading the rest of the books!