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Please Welcome Aimee and Joel from Estevan Vega's ARSON [Blog Tour] [Giveaway]

Hi guys!  Today, we have two very special guests with us, and we'd like to thank them for taking time out of their busy lives to sit down for an interview with us.  First, we'd like to explain a little for those of you who haven't read Arson and assure you that reading this interview will a) not spoil the book and b) make you want to read it:
  • The main character in the story is named Arson.
  • Arson is a boy who has, shall we say, a talent for the pyro?
  • Arson likes Emery, as more than a friend.
  • Joel and Aimee are Emery's parents.
  • Emery wears a mask similar to the one on ARSON's cover.
  • Also, make sure to check out our Book Inspection of Arson if you have time.
Aimee, Do you enjoy being a nurse?

There's a definite difference between doing something because you enjoy doing it and doing something to keep your family afloat while your "husband" attempts to piece back together his shattered life. No, Aimee, easy. I've got to work on that. He's just so selfish sometimes. I mean, I don't get how he can just type all day, if he types at all. I'm so sick of moving from place to place like some kind of nomad. I traded my military brat life for this? I just feel like if I let it go, then he'd never change. Hmm...I wonder if he ever will. But until I figure that all out, I have to keep us afloat, for my sanity and for my daughter.  

Okay then, I guess we'll turn to Joel.  So, Joel.  Do you enjoy being able to stay at home with Emery?

Yeah, but I don't think the feeling is all that mutual. Don't get me wrong, I mean I love Emery. She says she loves me too, but I just don't really feel that connection we used to have. I mean, before I could tuck her in, talk to her about stuff. She confided in me, looked up to me. Somewhere along the way, I lost that, and I've been trying to get it back ever since. Just feels like I'm out of options. I wish I could just hold her, you know? Tell her it's all right, even though I know there's not a chance that it is. Ahhh, how did it all get like this? I miss my much. 

Okay.  Well, this question is directed at both of you.  Does it bother you that your daughter wears a mask?  Let's start with Joel, shall we?

 I think it bothers Aimee more than it bothers me. I know why she wears it. It's not easy for her. Everything inside me wants her to take it off, but I get why she won't, why she can't. We've all got things we're hiding, right? Hers is just...out in the open for all the world to see. If anyone knows what that's like, when something so corruptible, so frail gets put up on display for all the world to see, it's me. Maybe one day she'll grow out of it, maybe not. She's still my daughter. 

Thanks Joel.  Aimee?

Don't even get me started on that thing. She knows it bothers me, but she can't take it off. Won't is actually a better word. She can be really defiant sometimes, but then again, what teenager isn't. I hate it, but she thinks I'm the Antichrist if I ask her to remove that mask from her face. 

Alright.  I can see that this isn't going in a productive direction, so, Joel, being a minister, have you ever led an AA group? If yes, has that affected your views on addiction?  

What are you trying to do, huh? You trying to call some lingering guilt out of me or something? Yeah, all right? Yeah, I know I made a mistake. Shoulda seen something like this coming, but do you have any idea what it's been like? What my marriage has become? I'm a sinking ship, I get it. God knows I get it. Sometimes I wonder if he even hears my prayers anymore. No more questions like that or this is over.

Apologies.  Maybe we can even the score a little and ask Aimee a tough question next?  Aimee, why do you avoid Joel? 

Hello? He got us kicked out of the church. There was no plan B. Now we're stuck in some godforsaken small town and struggling financially. I married Joel because I thought he was different. Different than what I was used to. Different than my father. Guess you never really know, huh? Not really. 

Okay, maybe we should try a different approach.  Let's try to be constructive.  Joel. We know that sometimes it's hard to come up with original sermons, but are wondering what some of the obstacles are for you in completing this task in order to locate employment.  Can you share some of those with us?

 I'm not doing this for a job. I'm not doing this for my wife. It's just something I have to do. I need to finish the sermon. I need to complete what I've started...but it's not coming. Man, have I lost it? Have I lost the ability to see and think like I used to? I don't know. Whatever the reason is, it's just not there. That 'it' that used to be. But I don't care. I'm going to try, hard as nails. I gotta finish that sermon. Nobody gets it, that's fine. They don't have to. It's just something I need to do, okay?

Aimee, we're curious, what are your motivations for your relationship with Dr. Pena?  What types of ramifications do you think this relationship will have your family, specifically your mask-wearing daughter?

My motivations? Geez, that's a personal question. Carlos is...Dr. Pena, he understands. In a way Joel just can't. But he's my boss. My friend. I'm not really sure what you're trying to insinuate with that probing question. I'm a good wife. I'm a good mother.

One last question, and it's for you both:  What do you think of Arson as a love interest for your daughter?  Aimee, let's start with you.

Emery doesn't know what she wants. Guess she's like me. She doesn't know about love. Do I want her to find love eventually? Sure. What mother wouldn't want that for her daughter? But right now? No. She's got bigger things on her mind. Like growing up. Plus, that mask she wears around all the time isn't a real face. I've tried to tell her, but she just doesn't understand. The world won't get it. The world isn't as accepting or as willing to look past it as I am. This weird boy Arson, he's not ready for a girl like Emery. And my daughter's sure not ready for him. Although, there is something different about her when he's around. Not sure what it is. Hmmm...I think there's something there. Maybe.

Thank you, Aimee.  Joel?

My Emery's too young to be worrying herself with boys. Boys, anybody really, never had good intentions for her. She only ever got hurt. They couldn't accept her...they couldn't accept what she looked like. Getting her heart involved with a boy who's only gonna break it. That just might not be a good idea. Arson doesn't seem like a bad kid, but I know there's something more underneath that quiet exterior. Something else. 

Thank you both for stopping by and taking the time to chat with us a little.  We're deeply sorry if we've touched on anything too sensitive or personal, and hope that will not affect your desire to stop back by and chat with us again.  For the rest of you, if you'd to find out more about Aimee and Joel, and their mask-wearing daughter Emery, pick up a copy of Arson from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Changing Hands, or you can enter to win your very own copy from us here at I Heart Monster.  Just fill in the form below to be entered to win!
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