Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Went Shopping With Beatrice Shakespeare Smith #cupcakeathon [Character Shopping Trip]

In honor of Lisa Mantchev's Cupcakeathon, and since I cannot participate fully due to a lack of internet access and a general homesickness caused by my being on the road for gosh darn near three weeks, I have put together an account of the shopping trip that Beatrice Shakespeare Smith (forthwith referred to as Bertie) and I went on. Bertie is the main character in Lisa's EYES LIKE STARS and just-released-today PERCHANCE TO DREAM, and she definitely makes the IHM List of All-Time Favorite Characters!
First we decided that we needed some soap.  You know, for the fairies.  And after the catastrophe that happens at the end of Eyes Like Stars, Bertie and I thought that this soap was only appropriate.  Calming Waters Soap from karenssoaps, $5Being the Mistress of Revels can be difficult.  That's why Bertie decided maybe she should practice a little.  This blank book has almost 200 pages of practice space.  Enlightenment journal from Peter Pauper Press, Amazon $10.19
We of course had to pick up something sweet.  The decorations on top of these cupcakes reminded Bertie of Moth and Mustardseed, so she had to get a couple. Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake, Cakelove.com, $3.25This scrimshaw necklace with a pirate ship on it drew Bertie in like a magnet.  She loves it.  She of course loves her necklace too, but thought that this might be a nice one to remind her of Nate. Scrimshaw Unisex Neckpiece, lindalayden, $75
The Easy Bake was a "WTF" moment for Bertie. She had no idea they made such things. She was like, "Gotta get me and the fairies one of those!" Easy Bake Oven, Amazon, $24.49Bertie loves Egyptian Plum. She loves Cobalt Flame too. She decided that I needed to pick up some of these extensions and give them away to you. I, myself, am going in for real purple extensions next week, so yeah. I don't need these.  But you do. Purple Clip-In Hair Extensions, leperqueen, $10. (to enter to win these, leave a comment that incorporates the word "cupcake" and refers to something in this post. don't forget to leave your email addy) open worldwide.  Ends 7/15.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading about our shopping trip!  We found some totally rad stuff, right?  Happy release day, Lis!


Catie S (Book Bound) said...

Those Strawberry lemonade cupcakes look delicious. My usual favorites chocolate cupcakes with chocoalte frosting.


GMR said...

Shopping trip with Bertie? And no one called me? ^_^
Loving the items you guys bought...the cupcake is definitely making me hungry right about now and the Easy Bake oven...hmm, if I had one of those, I could make one right now. *searches Google to find* ^_^

Tawnya said...

Fun shopping trip. Cupcakes are a little bite of heaven. I much prefer them to cake. Can't wait to see your extensions!


Chloe said...

What fun! I want alll of those things haha. Strawberry lemonade cupcakes?! And <33 those extensions. I might have to go get a cupcake of my own...

Yan said...

Strawberry Lemon cupcakes? Sounds really zesty, yet sweet at the same time...Hmm, maybe i should consider trying to bake them...
But since i suck at baking, i'll probably end up making a muffin or something instead of a cupcake. So i guess i'd better start practising xD


Laina said...

Those cupcakes are so cute!!!! I need to bake soon. I wanna make cookies and my brownie stash is getting low (I keep them in a ziplock in the freezer, makes them fudgy and soooo yummy and you can ration them because you don't need to rush through them).

And you know, I actually used to make darn fine little cakes in my Easy Bake. :D