Thursday, May 20, 2010

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare [Audiobook Inspection]

Size: 1 MP3 CD
Length: 14 hours, 11 minutes
Author: Cassandra Clare
Narrator: Ari Graynor

Plot Sketch: Clary Fray is leading a seemingly ordinary life. She spends time with her best friend, Simon, and lives with her mom in their apartment just above the quasi-looney Madame Dorothea. Her life changes drastically when she sees two teenage boys (one of which is named Jace) and a teenage girl kill a demon. The problem is, no one else can see the teens and the body of the demon vanished. Then she receives a strange phone call from her mom telling her not to come home, which of course is the first thing she does. Upon her arrival, she finds the apartment empty save one fugly demon that attacks her and she is saved by Jace. After coming to her rescue, Jace rushes Clary to the Institute where Hodge is able to save her from demon poison. When she wakes, she finds herself plunged into a world of shadowhunters, myth, and finding out who she really is.

Plot Verdict: I enjoyed the book. It didn't take very long to get to the action which is very positive in my book. The characters were developed enough to the point where the story could move along and then the development continued throughout the book instead of the development happening all at the beginning. I like the way Cassandra Clare did this. There are a few unexpected twists to the story to keep it interesting, but contrastly* there are a few foreshadowed events that I felt took too long to get to and as a listener. I was a slightly annoyed (not put-off annoyed) that the story didn't get to those points in a timely way. It was well-written and as far as my literary experience goes, very original. I like the world that Clare has created and am already immersed in CITY OF ASHES. Not all of the audiobooks I listen to are ones that I would have finished reading had I paper copies, but this is definitely one that I would have finished reading.

Narration Verdict: The narrator, Ari Graynor, portrayed Clary almost exactly as I would have portrayed her in my mind had I read the book. She sounded like what I thought Clary should have, with the inflections and emotions being right on with what she was reading. I also thought she did a good job of portraying the other characters as well, even with the difficulty of acting several male voices. You know how some girls just can't do a very good male voice? I'm not saying she was manly sounding, but she did a great job with the male characters without sounding stiff or forced. I was disappointed when I found out that there is a different narrator for CITY OF ASHES. And just between you and me? I Heart Monster slept through a lot of it and has to start over. So give her a hard time for me okay?

People Who Would Love This: Buffy, people who like ancient mythologies, people who like faeries-are-among-us fantasies
People Who Would Hate This: people who love historical accounts, my boss, hardcore Christians who despise anything to do with magic or fantasy (aka Harry Potter haters)

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We bought the trilogy on MP3 CD from Amazon.
*And IHM decided that contrastly is definitely a word even though Monster and every dictionary online disagree. So, it's here, I lost the argument.


elizabeth said...

I kind of want to get the audiobook now. I have a huge roadtrip coming up soon, so this would be perfect!

Ella Press said...

I started listening to this but I couldn't get into it.
I've been meaning to get back to it.

ally said...

You finally heard it!!! I LOVED the trilogy... I'm glad you like it too =)!

Diana said...

I LOVED the trilogy I read the books last year .....

Meredith said...

I read the trilogy. I can't wait for her new series and she's announced she's doing a 4th book in this one!

Lisa R said...

Have these books in this trilogy on my summer reading pile. Can't wait!

Tif said...

When you mentioned Harry Potter haters, I knew I had to read this book!! :)