Saturday, May 22, 2010

Books I Bought For Phoenix Comicon '10 [Saturday Steals]

These steals should be like, secrets.  I really shouldn't tell you about these steals.  Really.  I really shouldn't.  You'll think less of me as a blogger because of them, I just know it.  But, in the interest of full-disclosure and in the interest of clearing my conscience, I'm going to share my secret steals with you.  I'm just gonna come right out and blame Camille too.  If it weren't for Saturday Steals, I wouldn't be disclosing this.  *sigh*

You see, I'm still off in Wyoming, and don't leave for home until Tuesday.  We get home on Thursday, and Phoenix Comicon '10 starts on Friday and runs through Sunday.  That gives me like no time to locate copies in my local bookstores before the event starts.  You already glimpsed some of the programming that we're going to see, but what I didn't tell you is that I secretly purchased copies of the books that James A. Owen and Frank Beddor authored and am planning on getting them signed (if it's feasible) and doing a giveaway for them.  I'm not sure if they'll have copies at the con, so I wanted to purchase copies ahead of time so I'd be prepared.  What I shouldn't tell you is that I bought them used.  *sigh*  Now you know. Oh, but you don't know everything, 'cause I'm holding back one of the books I'm hoping to get signed as a surprise... and it's not from who you think it's from if you've looked at the programming for authors, swear.

I'm not usually one to purchase books second-hand.  But when I saw that I could get "Like New" used copies of the books I wanted to giveaway and they were fulfilled by Amazon and thus eligible for my Prime membership free 2-day shipping, I jumped at the chance and saved some cold hard cash.  *hides*

So, I got The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor in hardcover for $4.70 (85% off cover price) & Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen in hardcover for $7.20 (60% off cover price).  *fingers crossed I can get them signed for you guys*  Now you cross your fingers that Monster will let go of the signed copy of Here, There Be Dragons.  Monster ♥s dragons.

Oh, and Camille, we ♥ you, and know it's not your fault we told the world.  We did have some choice in the matter.


Camille said...

I really have a way of ruining people's lives. Sorry! : )

If it makes you feel any better, I gave away headbands to readers after I'd already worn them on my own head (the bands, not the readers...wearing my readers on my head would've been amazing but creepy).

Used books seem mild in comparison.

Have fun on your trip and at the conference!

Stacy Stew said...

Lucky you. I hope you're having a great time........Stacy

katsrus said...

Have a great time. It sure sounds like fun. I love used books. You can find a lot that are good as new.
Sue B