Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Battle Royale Vol. 1 & 2 [Manga] [Book Inspection]

Title: Battle Royale Vols. 1-2
Authors: Koshun Takami, Masayuki Taguchi
English Translation: Keith Giffen
Publisher: TokyoPop

Description: It's the future.  Japan.  Military Dictatorship.  Bloodthirsty viewers.  Every year, one class of middle-graded school children are selected to compete in The Program.  It's considered an honor. It doesn't matter if you're the ambassador's son, the minister's daughter, a class is picked at random and highjacked on their way to school.  They wake up on an island, in a classroom, and are informed that the last one standing wins.  They're given bags with random weapons, and set loose upon the island.  This is the beginning of the class that's been selected for this year's edition of The Program.

Verdict: I am rather enjoying this series of Manga.  I'm into the third installment now, and am really enthralled with the graphic nature of this story.  The way it flashes back and forth between the contestants' histories and their current predicaments really does make the story deeper than it would be if it were only told in the present tense.  A fair warning for parents and those with weak stomachs, there is rape, death, and extreme violence depicted on these pages, so you'll want to screen it first to make sure that it's appropriate for your teen.  It's one of the things that I compared The Hunger Games to when I reviewed it (as I had seen parts of the movie) and I stand firm on my assertion that Battle Royale was the original Hunger Games.  It's much more heart-wrenching to me though, because these kids all grew up with each other.  It's an interesting dynamic, and I can't wait to read more.

People Who Might Like This: people who adored the Hunger Games, fans of The Power Rangers, people who loved Spartacus: Blood & Sand (graphic as it was).
People Who Probably Won't Like It: prudes, people who hate the dystopian genre, I can imagine a lot of parents deeming this unfit for their children.

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The Library Lurker said...

Well, I really liked the movie, so I guess that means that I would probably like these! They sound really good, great review!