Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anastasia Hopcus of SHADOW HILLS [Debut Interview]

Hometown: Austin, TX
Astrological Sign: Libra ♎
Favorite Author: Anne George (She never did any YA---that I know of---but I adore her Southern Sisters Mysteries. They are my favorite comfort reads; I've read each one at least four times!)
Favorite Vacation Spot: Los Angeles or Massachusetts---depending on if I need some excitement or some relaxation.
Favorite Animal: Dogs---most definitely. Though I'm kind of allergic, so I don't have one of my own. It's terribly sad, but I make do with playing with other people's dogs, then going home and taking Benadryl.
Favorite Movie: There are way too many. I couldn't possibly choose. But here are (just a few) of the ones that come to mind: Adventureland, Lost in Translation, Grosse Pointe Blank, Garden State, Say Anything, Almost Famous, Valley Girl and everything by John Hughes. Except maybe for some of the stuff he wrote after 1990---not quite so stellar.
Favorite Musical Artist or Group: Again---I can't choose. But here is a teeny-tiny-baby list: Gogol Bordello, Passion Pit, Les Savy Fav, Lady Sovereign, Oingo Boingo, Santigold, The Misfits (only Danzig-era, though), The Adverts, Matt & Kim. I'm going to stop before I take up the entire internet with my list---hey, it could happen.
Favorite Painter: Can I say a photographer---world is her canvas, camera is her medium and all that? If so: Ellen von Unwerth. I saved up my allowance to buy one of her (rather expensive) coffee table books from Book People when I was in the sixth grade, and I've loved her ever since. If not: Mark Rothko
Place You Desperately Want To Travel: United Kingdom
Place Most Likely To Inspire: Anywhere and everywhere.
A Little About Your Book In Your Own Words:  When I was in high school I went through times when my group of friends did the dreaded 'girl thing.' Meaning, one of them would have gotten into a fight with me and then she would tell everyone else we hung out with not to talk to me. In those sucky times when my "real" friends were blowing me off, I took great solace in my imaginary ones. Shadow Hills is my baby and of course I love it and think the mystery, love story, what have you, is awesome---but I know not everyone will agree. And while I may not pull off everything perfectly in Shadow Hills (I'm still new to this and I'm nothing if not imperfect) I really hope the characters and friendships come across as real, because that is the most important thing to me in any story. Even in a bad review, if they liked one---or several---of the characters and connected with them, then I know I did something right. So while my book is a YA paranormal romantic mystery (I can't pick a genre and stick to it, can I?) it's also a book about a girl, who has had a really hard year, finally finding her place in the world with wonderful friends who care about her.

Anastasia's SHADOW HILLS debuts July 13, 2010


April (BooksandWine) said...

Yay for Say Anything, I looooove that movie too!

Also, hurrah for dog people!

NotNessie said...

Wow! That hair is really bright. Fantastic!

Great interview, this book sounds like a good one.

Anonymous said...

I love Anastasia's hair! (",)

Can't wait to read Shadow Hills :)

Beth said...

Great interview! And I love her hair too!!!