Saturday, May 15, 2010

51st Annual Art, Book and Craft Fair at Wichita Riverfest [Saturday Steals] [Travel]

Last Saturday, after I went to Botanica, my sister-in-law and I went to the 51st Annual Art, Book and Craft Fair at Wichita Riverfest.  It's hosted by Friends of the Wichita Art Museum.  Besides the many many talented local artists, there is a used book sale that takes place on the balcony.  After we meandered through the arts and crafts part of the fair, we finally made it to the book section.  By the time we arrived, it was fairly well-picked-through, but it was still a lot of fun to look through.

I found three books that I wanted to take home and thought they were super steals...

The first, THE GRAVEDIGGERS OF FRANCE by Pertinax, was published January 1, 1944.  I can't wait to dig-in and learn more about the Maginot line.  I can get kinda lost when it comes to my WWII history.  Since this book only cost me $2, and the cheapest I can find it online is $4.50 + $3.99 shipping, and the highest price for a book in similar condition is upwards of $100 (the average for books in similar condition being around $25), I'm sensing a total steal.  I'm excited to read it, and will definitely treasure this tome. ($8.49-$2.00=$6.49 savings or 76% off)

Secondly, I found a fun little SCANDINAVIAN PROVERBS book, that I intend to give to my mother (don't tell her, mmmkay?) since she revels in our Scandinavian heritage.  It's got cute little translated sayings in it and I think she'll thoroughly enjoy it.  I can find it for 10cents online + 3.99 shipping, so I still saved by paying $2 for this one!  ($4.09-$2.00=$2.09 savings or 51% off)

Lastly, I found a great paperback volume of COMPLETE POETRY AND SELECTED PROSE BY WALT WHITMAN, edited by James E. Miller, Jr.  I've kinda sorta been a fan of Walt's since I was in elementary school and I spent time learning about poets out in my parents' Arizona room.  LEAVES OF GRASS always fascinated me, but as an adult, I've not studied or spent much time with Mr. Whitman.  So, I decided that for 50¢, I could totally afford to get reacquainted with him, especially since the cheapest copy of this compilation I could locate online was a total of $18.96 for book + shipping! ($18.96-50¢=$18.46 savings or 97% off)

So, I left with three books, for $4.50, and a big fat smile on my face. Super steals if you ask me!


Natasha said...

Awesome!! Your lucky. I'd have loved to go there! :)
I bet you'll have fun reading your great finds!
I have a contest over at my blog if your interested!


Anonymous said...

Hey I won't tell your mom, but I KNOW she'll be excited to get that Scandinavian Proverbs Book. We know how she is...