Friday, April 30, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Read Along #6 {Chapters 26-30} [Read Along]

Plot Summary {Chapters 26-30}:  Emily struggles with sexuality.  Decides to go for bike ride.  Finds letter she sent to Ali in spokes of her bike.  Suspects A is Aria.  Aria has dream about Ali coming back.  Asks dad if ghosts can send text messages.  Emily visits Aria.  Leaves.  Hanna gets taken to the station.  Remembers the Kate Toothbrush Incident.  Spencer can't sleep.  Goes to main house.  Parents and Melissa denigrate her. Make her move out of barn. Emily pedals from Aria's to Maya's.  Hears sirens.  Assumes Maya has cut herself too deep.  Maya runs to Emily.  Tells her they've found Ali's body.

Discussion Points:
Let's talk about how secrets affect our behaviors... have you ever had a secret that affected you the way these girls have secrets that affect their every action and reaction?
Why do you think none of the girls have run a reverse lookup on the cell phone number sending the texts?
What do you think about Spencer's parents' reaction to the Wren incident?
Who is A?

I kinda feel like the other parts were getting too difficult, so we're consolidating into one section.  You guys think that's okay?


Shweta said...

I am yet to read any book in the series but the way you have been reading it I think I will give them a chance too. I was never a fan of the PLL covers but I sure want to read them now :)

Kelly McDermott-Bay said...

Love your blog site. I will be back to visit it soon.
Kelly Bookend Diaries

elizabeth said...
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elizabeth said...

Discussion Points:

I have never had a secret that affected me the way these girls have secrets. They seem to live their whole life on their secrets. It is kind of crazy.

They probably never thought of running a reverse lookup. That would be the smart thing to do.

I know what Spencer did was wrong, but Wren is as much to blame! The way her parents acted was kind of ridiculous. They seemed to pretty much disown her right there. They should punish her but not treat her like that. She is still their daughter.

I have no idea who A is. I don't think we'll ever find out either.

AtenRa said...


I have secrets but it has never affected my life or my family's life like this.It's not enough that they do have these huge secrets, but they also confided in the wrong person, Ali.I can't believe everyone admired her and wanted to be her friend.She was manipulative and mean to everyone.

I think it was mentioned that the texts were sent by an unknown sender, or there was no real phone number,just gibberish.

Spencer's parents did overreact, I believe.I'm sure they wouldn't react like that if Melissa did it to Spencer.It's obvious that mother Hastings prefers Melissa to Spencer and she shows that in every opportunity she gets.Spencer deserved to be punished, but not like this.

I really have no clue about who A. is.I'm suspecting everyone, Officer Wilden, maybe Mona's ex-friends,Melissa. But I still think Maya plays a big part in all of this.

Tawnya said...

Everyone has secrets, but no one has secrets like these girls! It seems like because of the first secret, 'the Jenna thing' that it opened the door to all these other secrets. It's like how when you tell one lie, you usually end up telling a bunch of them just to keep the first one up.

Perhaps these girls are not very techno savvy, unlike their parents "what's a text?"

Finally a real reaction from some parental figures. I agree that they probably wouldn't have reacted that way with Melissa, but Melissa is also of 'legal' age, is out of the house (sort of).
Look at it from Mom & Dad's point of view: you're 16 year old daughter just got caught almost in the act (16 is far to young for my daughter to be messing around like that), in the boat house (no way we're letting her stay there unsupervised), with a boy several years her senior (WHAT), who is her sister's almost fiance (WHAT (in a lower voice)). The book is from the girl's perspective, which is always going to think the parents are harsh, and the other child is always the favorite, but they have showed that they can be fair and put her wants ahead of Melissa's occasionally. They are now tied with Emily's parents in my mind for the bronze medal of parents (none of the others even registered)
I'm just glad that someone in this book finally ran into a consequence!! Although how creepy was Melissa with her too calm reaction? I do not want to mess with that chick!!

Who is A? That's what I want to know. I'm thinking it has to be more than one person to be able to do all of this in depth spying to send texts in the moment things are happening. I think this may also have something to do with all of Allison's stuff that got chucked to the curb when Mia moved in.