Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Read Along #5 {Chapters 21-25} [Read Along]

Plot Summary {Chapters 16-20}: Hanna tries to get Sean to have sex. He recoils. Leaves her in the woods. Practically dumps her. She steals his car keys. Emily & Maya in photo booth. Emily tells Maya about kissing Ali. Maya and Emily make out in the booth. Ben catches them. Aria talks to Noel. Ezra calls Aria and invites her over. They nearly have sex, but decide to wait. Aria gets at least seven texts from A titled STUDENT TEACHER CONFERENCE. Aria leaves Ezra's apartment. Wren visits Spencer in the barn. Spencer gives tour. Spencer kisses Wren. Wren kisses back. {I interject a squee here} A IMs Spencer in 72 point font. Spencer knows A is Ali. Melissa catches Wren and Spencer. Hanna and Mona take Sean's dad's BMW to Wawa. Race Porsche. Wreck BMW.

Discussion Points:
Do you find Sean pathetic? or admirable?
Do you think that Ben's reaction to Maya and Emily is typical of a boy in his position?
Are you satisfied by what happened with Aria and Ezra? How creepy are A's texts at that point?
I'll say it again. Spencer. Wren. Melissa. Discuss.
What do you think about Hanna's joyride?

Is there something that you would change about one character that would make them your favorite character?
What do you think about the development balance at this point in the book?

Teacher/Student relations. What do you think about Aria and Ezra's relationship now?
DUI minors. How big of a problem is the deptiction of Hanna and her crash in this book? Is it encouraging to teens?

I predict that Ezra and Aria will go all the way.
Hanna will get in trouble for her joyride.


elizabeth said...

Discussion Points:

I find Sean to be admirable. I like that he doesn't want to have sex with just any girl.
Ben's reaction is most likely typical. He has a right to be upset like he was.
I am satisfied by what happened with Aria and Ezra. I was so excited when Ezra called Aria. A's texts are getting creepier as this book goes along. I really want to know who A is already.
What was up with Melissa's reaction?! It was like she just pretended she didn't see what she saw. Not normal at all.
Hanna's joyride was really stupid.

Spencer and Aria are still my favorites.
I couldn't think of anything to change...
All the characters seem to be developed equally now.


I think Aria and Ezra's relationship is great. It adds some excitement to the book.
The depiction of Hanna and her crash in the book seemed too unrealistic. She crashes the car while drunk and her and Mona don't even get a scratch. It may show teens that the worst thing that could happen to you while drinking and driving is you will crash your caqr, but you will be just fine.


I agree about Ezra and Aria going all the way.
A's identity will not be revealed in this book
Spencer and Wren will secretly see each other.

AtenRa said...


I don't find him pathetic or admirable.It is just a decision, a state of mind.I think he is very confused and Hanna being so forward doesn't help him at all, in fact it has the exact opposite results of what Hanna wants to achieve.
Yes, typical teenage boy. I don't blame him for being surprised, everyone would be.But maybe if he was a few years older, he could understand that Emily was in a very delicate position and she couldn't just talk to him about something that she's not herself sure about.But being young,his only thought was his ego getting hurt.
Aria and Ezra are my fav couple!YAY!
Wow, who would have thought??No way did I imagine them getting caught!And by Melissa, of all people!OK, Spencer is a horny teen, but Wren?Pretty irresponsible. Why not break up with Melissa first and then see what happens between him and Spencer?But what fun would that be, uh?If I was Melissa i' d be so hurt and pissed.I told you, no matter how bad and mean she is, she is still Spencer's sister and she didn't deserve that.
Hanna is out of her mind.Self destructive, at best.


I would change Emily's character a bit.She has a very interesting story. but as a person, she is a bit boring.


I don't think that the writer tried to make an example out of Hanna's joyride. She just describes what happens when a person who is drunk,minor or not, drives.The fact that she comes out of it unscathed, it's coincidental. She is one of the leads, after all.Plus, she drives one of those cars that keeps you pretty safe when it comes to small accidents. Despite all that, I'm an adult and I'm reading this and to tell you the truth, if it was not one of the controversy subjects, I wouldn't even remember it.But I don't know what message the author tries to get across to teens, if any.The basic idea is that DUI is wrong,whether you get hurt or not.That's what I got out of Hanna's accident, so I guess the way Shepard handled it is fine by me.

Beverly said...

I love this idea! I am planning to try this sort of thing for my summer reading program. How is it working so far? Do you think it would work for summer reading or will I not get good response? We just got this series in our school media center - great to hear about them.

Tawnya said...

As far as teenage boys goes, Sean is admirable. Sex is a big deal, and kudos to him for wanting it to be with someone he loves. I think it's interesting here to note that, had he really loved her, would he have gone for it, or waited?
Ben = totally. Sounds like he has a pretty big ego to not notice that Emily wasn't really into him, so it stands to reason that he would take Emily with anyone else as a total shock, let alone another girl.
Aria & Ezra - I'm glad that he called her and told her that he really likes her and how hard it is for him, I'm also glad that they stopped short. If Aria really has feelings for him, she should respect the HUGE amounts of trouble that he would be in now and the rest of his life/career if they take it too far.
What is up with the guys Melissa picks? Why do they all want her sister?? And why can't Spencer stay away from them? If Spencer can turn these guys heads, why can't she get a guy of her own? While this author has us crazily rooting for student/teacher to get together and for Spencer to get a little action with her sister's boyfriend, it still doesn't make it right. Spencer has her sister for the rest of her life, and while the relationship isn't super great, does she think this is going to make it better???
I guess I shouldn't be surprised at anything at this point. Don't worry about stealing a car for spite, while you're drunk. Oh, and if you should get into an accident, don't worry you can walk away unscathed and slink home without a care. Perhaps she would have a better understanding of consequences if someone hadn't bailed her out of a shoplifting charge...

Favorite? Aria
Hannah is my least favorite character right now, but she would need a total rewrite, and then wouldn't fit in this book anymore.
Development has evened out now.