Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Read Along #4 {Chapters 16-20} [Read Along]

Plot Summary {Chapters 16-20}:  Sean skips Nerve night for V Club. Hanna's mom gives her the jewelry set she stole.  Hanna gets note from A showing that her dad is getting remarried.  Hanna decides not to throw up. Aria plans absurdist play with Noel.  Makes plan to make Ezra even more jealous. Emily's mom confronts her about lying.  Tells her she can't quit swimming and can't hang out with Maya.  Emily goes to Kahn party with Ben.  Sees Aria.  Follows Maya into woods.

Discussion Points:
  • Hanna's mom bought her the necklace too?
  • Hanna's dad is remarrying and didn't tell her?  But it doesn't drive her to bulimia.  She's fabulous.  Discuss.
  • Sex scene.  With Noel? Do you think that'll get Ezra's attention?
  • Do you think that parents know what's best for children when it comes to giving up on extracurriculars like Emily's swimming?
  • Okay.  Spencer and Wren.  Is this going to happen or what?  Is he still into Melissa?
  • Maya and Emily sittin' in a tree?
  • Emily and Aria spoke, did Aria chicken out in telling Emily about A?
  • Favorite still favorite?  Why?
  • Emily's mom doesn't like Maya's family because they're black?  Um. Hello?  2005 when this book was written.  How often do you guys still run into this type of bigotry?
  • Ali will show up in the next five chapters.
  • I'm jumping on the Spencer and Wren train.


AtenRa said...


Yeah, Hanna's mom does everything wrong.No reprimanding, no talking, and to top it all, no sight of her father for 3 years.No wonder Hanna has so many issues.

Hanna's father wants nothing to do with either her or her mother, apparently.Her mother I can understand, but Hanna,too ? It's just plain inhuman.And it's not like he never wanted a child(not that justifies anything), we are told that he loves his step daughter, Kate, which I think is one of the reasons Hanna started losing weight in the first place, to be like Kate so that her father will love her.But it seems that nothing can please those two or make them pay any attention to Hanna.If you don't want to have children, don't have children!!It's a sensitive matter for me, parenthood and especially parental incompetence.My parents are great, thank God, but I know some other people who are like that and it just drives me nuts!

Did Noel and Aria got Ezra's attention?I think that if he could, Ezra would punch Noel right there and then!Aria may appear to be a bit introvert but she is obviously very skilled when it comes to these things!

I don't know about the US, but here the situation with extracurricular is getting out of control, at least that's how I see it.Every student from 1st grade to senior, must learn to speak at least 2 foreign languages.Almost fluently, mind you.Also, they have either soccer ,volleyball, swim practice.Some of them play musical instruments or have ballet lessons.And all that while they have tons of private tutoring(it's very big here)of math(geometry and algebra), ancient greek, latin, history, chemistry, bio, physics.90% of the colleges here are free, so the exams you take to enter any of them, are extremely hard!!Believe me, the pressure on you to succeed, because if you don't get to college you'll be a zero for the rest of your life, is unbearable at times.So, all the school stuff AND the extracurricular, is too much to lay on a kid.Especially if he's not into any of them at all, and he just do them because he is made to by his parents, or because his parents wanted to do them when they were young and they didn't have a chance then, so their kid should pay the price.Bull!
Fortunately, things weren't that hard when I was a student.School exams were twice as hard, but we didn't have so many extracurricular stuff.I did some volleyball because I wanted to and when I got into college I learned spanish because again I wanted to.The only thing I absolutely had to do, and every greek kid at the age of 6 has to do, is learn english.I don't regret it now, of course, but back then I hated it :)

I don't know if Wren and Spencer are going to happen, as long as they continue to have hot, sexy scenes like the one in chapter 19!


Yeap, same favourites.


I have zero tolerance towards racism.Unfortunately in Greece, we have plenty but not towards black people.There's always been a rivalry between greeks and immigrants from Albania, Bulgaria and Poland.

elizabeth said...

Discussion Points:

•Hanna's mom is not a mother at all. Hanna needs some rules and restrictions. I can't believe her mom bought the jewelry for her.
•Hanna is obviously not close to her dad at all, and I don't blame her. He is obviously not a good dad. It's easy to see where all of Hanna's problems come from when you look at her parents.
•The sex scene will definitely get Ezra's attention. Just talking about it will get his attention. I really want some more Ezra/Aria action.
•I think children should be able to make up their own minds when it comes to extracurricular activities. I would hate to be forced to do something I don't like.
•Spencer and Wren are definitely going to happen. I don't think he is into Melissa at all. At least, he doesn't act like he is. I loved the part with Spencer and Wren with the Icy-Hot.
•Maya and Emily are definitely going to happen.
•I think Aria did chicken out in telling Emily about A because she probably thinks she would sound crazy.


•I still like Spencer and Aria the best :)


•I don't see much of this type of bigotry. The last time I did was when I visited my great grandmother. She was very set in her old ways and there was no changing it.


•More Spencer/Wren
•Emily and Maya will kiss
•Ezra won't be able to keep away from Aria soon
•Aria will try talking to Spencer

Tawnya said...

* Dear Hannah's mom, you are a selfish idiot. I can think of at least 3 punishments that would not only punish, but teach values & morals. I can think of several more punishments that would at least make her think twice about stepping out of line, but did you stop for one iota of a second to think what purchasing the necklace as well would teach your child? That's a big. Fat. NO! All you thought of was yourself and what people would think of you. Sincerely, Me.
* I am so proud of Hannah. In some bizarre way it seems like A is getting these girls off their butts and changing some of their ways. Some of their ways. And what kind of a big Jerk of a father tells his daughter with an invitation???!!!
* Well if that doesn't get his attention, what will. And it totally did!!
* Ok, I'm going to disagree with all of you on this one apparently. I think Emily should stay in swimming. Firstly, she made a commitment to the swim team, and I believe that if you start something you should finish it. Also, this is her ticket to college, and while she may not think she wants to go to college, I think her parents realize that 10 years down the road she will wish she had.
I agree that parents can push their children too hard, and make them do things they don't want to, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Emily was happy to swim, until something more fun showed up. It's lazy to quit and do the fun thing, but it builds character to work for something, and to honor a commitment even when it's not the most exciting thing you could be doing.
I totally give Emily's parents props for a) providing their children with a skill that will enable them to b)earn a way to college. I think that this generation of kids is way to entitled because they have not been taught to work.
Stepping down from the soap box.
* Spencer & Wren, while cute and flirty and fun at the time I read it, gets kind of creepy/sleazy the farther away I am from it. Why is Wren even with Melissa?
* Maya and Emily sittin' in a tree? Oh, it's totally going to happen.
* Emily totally choked, but it does sound a little strange.
So, have you heard from Allison, I mean I know she's been gone forever, and probably, you know... gone... but have you? Heard from her I mean? No, no reason I would ask...


* Ok, so you really don't run into it too much these days. That said, there is a very protective thing that MOST parents feel for their children. I remember when my sister was in high school, and my parents freaked when they found out she was dating a black guy. FREAKED! That said, I think if any parents saw this guy they would have freaked if they were black or not. My parents are not bigots, but when it comes to your children, it usually comes down to the common denominator of is it good for my kid? I'm not saying it's right, at all, but I guess I can see how it would happen, especially in such a small community.